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The Good Sam RV Insurance Review for You

Have you recently purchased an RV and now searching for RV insurance? Or perhaps you’ve been putting off purchasing RV insurance for a while. When it comes to RV insurance, Good Sam should be the first name on everybody’s list.

Is Good Sam RV insurance worth it? There are numerous advantages to using Good Sam for your RV insurance, including:

  1. Towing Without Limits
  2. There are no service limitations.
  3. Other Free Services

Users may be starting to wonder, as you would with any other RV insurance company, what their company is offering and how credible they are. What exactly is Good Sam RV Insurance?

The overall rating for Good Sam Insurance: 4.25/5

Premised on our own expertise with Good Sam RV insurance as well as responses from several of our companions, Good Sam is our current first preference. When especially in comparison to other RV insurance companies we evaluated, Good Sam provides more for a lower price.

  • Whether you’re going on vacation with your relatives or residing comprehensive in one RV, Good Sam Insurance has a wide range of available choices for safeguarding it.
  • Good Sam Insurance Agency can provide you with a quick, free insurance quotation whether you own a huge class A RV, a car, or a truck. Bundling an RV insurance plan can save you up to 30% on your policy.
  • Customers have reported average annual savings of $321 and customer satisfaction of 96 per cent, far higher than any other RV insurance provider in the market.
  • Even if you choose wherever places to go for your journey(the United States, Mexico, or Canada), the Good Sam Insurance Agency is intended to provide us with the specialized RV insurance coverage options that are legally obliged.

Good Sam is the best option for you.

What Exactly Is Good Sam RV Insurance?

Good Sam RV Insurance covers a variety of RVs. Good Sam specializes in RV insurance, which comes in handy when you’re on the road with your RV.

If your RV, regardless of whether motorized or capable of being towed, meets the following criteria, Good Sam will be capable of ensuring it:

  • Motorhomes (Class A, B, and C)
  • Fifth Wheel Campers
  • Toy Haulers
  • Travel Trailers
  • Teardrop Campers
  • Pop-Up Campers

Good Sam provides a variety of roadside assistance advantages, including:

  • Unlimited Towing
  • Unlimited Service Mileages
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Spare Tire Service
  • Flat Tire Services

With so many of these advantages to Good Sam roadside assistance what more is there to search for when contemplating Good Sam RV Insurance?

Good Sam RV Insurance Offers: 5/5

No company could operate alone without the ability to recruit clients for their services and goods.

Good Sam’s Insurance Agents can assist you in trying to answer all of your fundamental questions about which RV insurance plan you require and how it will benefit you.

A few RV insurance policies do not include the following features, but Good Sam does:

  • Personal but also Property Damage Liability: Protects you if you harm somebody else’s car or assets while driving your RV.
  • Personal Injury Protection: Pays for everyone on board the RV and covers loss of wages if the damage keeps you from working.
  • Collision: Recognizes any harm inflicted to anyone else’s property by the RV.
  • Comprehensive: Covers everything related to your RV, such as theft or animal collision. This one will protect you if anything really happens to your RV.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: If you cause an accident, this ends up paying for the other people’s injury problems.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection: Protects you and your RV if the person responsible does not provide insurance or if their health coverage doesn’t really encompass the scope of recently acquired injury issues to those covered by your policy.

Good Sam Insurance presents multiple insurance plans as add-ons to your quote. Take more notice that the rates that pursue the plans are only starting points and can rise if you want to choose to charge for up to three years at once.

These are the two plans:

Standard Plan: The annual base rate for this plan begins at $65 for the first year.

Platinum Plan: The Platinum Plan costs $80 and provides additional benefits for your RV.

Those very same plans are incorporated into your policy, and you can choose how long you want to reimburse for them.

  1. Standard Plan

The Good Sam Standard Plan includes Roadside Assistance. The Standard Plan should cover three different types of RVs:

  • Travel Trailers
  • Toy Haulers
  • Pop-Up Campers

The participants of your family who live in your residence are protected under the insurance with just this basic plan, as long just like any young kids are now under the age of 25. This implies you would not have to incur extra costs fees for those covered by your policy if they are injured.

Users will also receive a 10% discount at AAMCO Transmission Centers if you require repairs or other services under this plan. The price reduction is only valid on repair work or assistance totalling up to $100.

If you really want, you can also package the number of things with your Good Sam RV insurance:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Pickup Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Boat Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  1. Platinum Plan

The Good Sam Platinum Plan covers a broad array of RV types while still providing insurance for you as well as your relatives. If you ever do not totally possess your RV and are:

  • Renting
  • Leasing
  • Taking a borrow from a friend or relative

With both the Platinum Plan, Good Sam would still enable you to have RV compensation on your rental trailer. This plan covers the following RV types:

  • Motorhomes
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Toy Haulers
  • Travel Trailers
  • Pop-Up Campers
  • Teardrop Campers
  • Utility Trailer
  • Sports Trailers

Users can even combine several RVs into one plan. If users get all of the insurance of the Standard Plan plus a few additional perks, the Platinum Plan is the way to go. A Platinum Plan gives you the ability to:

  • Rental Car Discounts from Avis and Budget
  • Worldwide Hotel Discounts
  • RV Concierge from repairs to fuel locations

If you want to understand more about what’s proceeding underneath the hood of your RV, Good Sam will provide you with Operational and Technical Assistance from a Certified RV Technician.

These specialists can also schedule an arrangement for you at the nearest repair shop.

The other advantage of using Good Sam as your RV insurance carrier is that it is were using for both insurance coverage.

RV Insurance Price: 5/5

Whenever it tends to come to the cost of their coverage options, each RV insurance company is different. Also with extra features, the ordinary RV insurance policy should cost somewhere around $200 and $2,000 per year.

Even so, if you are towing a Class A Diesel mobile home almost every weekend, your insurance could be as low as $2,000. You will still be on the lower rung of this price range if you have got a much relatively small RV or trailer.

The country in which you live is yet another determining factor in the cost of your RV insurance. In Michigan, for instance, an RV insurance premium might cost you around $4,490. In California, rates range from $860 to $4,000.

States & Insurance rates per year (USD)

  • North Carolina – $875
  • Oregon – $895
  • Massachusetts – $1,135
  • Michigan – $4,485
  • California – $4,08
  • Texa – $1,435

Added Coverage: 4.5/5

When contemplating Good Sam as your exclusive RV insurance provider, consider everything this company can offer for your specific requirements. Consider whether there are any additional coverages which can be incorporated, including such:

  • Pets: A few RV insurance providers will provide this coverage, which covers up to $1,000 in damage to your pet while in the RV. All you have to do is get a quote from such a vet and submit it to the RV insurance provider.
  • Other Trailers as well as Vehicles: If you have got a mobile home and are going to tow a vehicle, you can get coverage for that vehicle. Toys throughout your toy hauler may be protected if your RV insurance provider provides this coverage.
  • Roadside Assistance: This is provided by almost everything competing RV insurance companies. There really are, even so, different levels of coverage provided by each corporation.

The Advantages of Good Sam (Pros)

Good Sam offers several advantages that RV drivers could perhaps search for in an RV insurance program. These services are provided to you regardless of how frequently or infrequently you utilize your RV, or whether you completely own the RV:

  • Access to Service Each Day, All Day: You can call the customer service line at any time of day or night. Whatever service you require, Good Sam will be able to assist you at no additional cost. You could also contact Good Sam an unlimited number of times.
  • Towing Specialists Aplenty to Help You: You will also have direct exposure to 40,000 towing experts and service providers. As such, no matter where you would be, assistance is available.
  • North American Coverage: Good Sam can assist you wherever in North America. If you plan to travel beyond the United States, you should notify an agent. Even if a service station is 300 miles away, Good Sam will cover all hauling costs. With Good Sam, there have been no mileage limitations.
  • Trip Interruption Assistance: This service provides up to $1,200 to cover all of your needs on your journey if your RV is involved in an accident and over 100 miles from your home.\
  • Medical Assistance: If somebody on your plan does become ill or requires dental care, Good Sam will consult a specialist.
  • Help With Lost Keys: You will be charged for any materials and labor utilised. When you really need assistance, Good Sam will dispatch a locksmith to your location.
  • Fuel Delivery: Approximately 5 gallons of fuel will be delivered to you to assist you in driving your RV towards the nearest gas station. Furthermore, if your RV requires any other fluids, somebody will bring them to you.
  • Spare Tire Change: If your RV requires a spare wheel, you only need to charge for the tire, parts, and labor. You are not charged for delivering. If you have a flat tire, a mechanic can alter it for you or haul it if necessary.
  • Jumpstart: Dead batteries are inconvenient. A technician will appear and assist you in jumpstarting your battery so that you can continue your journey.

In the event that your RV is stolen or lost, Good Sam will provide Full Replacement Cost Coverage.

This entitles you to a new RV under this covered claim. In terms of theft, any personal possessions in your RV are supported for up to $3,000 under the Personal Effects Option.

The exterior of your RV is covered by Good Sam’s Permanent Attachments Coverage. This plan covers any awnings, as well as satellites users, have had on your RV at no additional cost to you.

Users can choose the Storage Option for those periods of time even when you’re not utilizing your RV or trailer.

Once you store your RV for an amount of time, you can save up to 53% on your insurance. Even if something were to occur to your RV while it’s being stored, it would still be protected.

Full-Timer coverage is available for those who live in their RV full-time. According to Good Sam, their Full-Timer plan is structured similarly to a homeowner’s policy, but also for RVs.

There is a Paid-in-Full Discount that can be used to decrease your premium if you pay the growth of the insurance policy in the first place of payment. Those certain special offer plans that you can include within your plan involve:

  • Multi-Policy Discount: You could indeed combine your home insurance with this alternative to save nearly 10%. You can also include non-recreational automobiles in your Good Sam RV insurance policy.
  • Safe Driver Discount: Demonstrate your driving abilities. If you do have a great driving history after signing up with Good Sam, you would be allowed to also have a lower premium the longer individuals do not submit a claim.
  • Anti-Theft Discount: You can obtain this price reduction if you take anti-theft metrics through your own palms by using any anti-theft gadgets.
  • Low Mileage Discount: This might seem counterintuitive to have RV insurance if you’re using your RV once a month, but you’d be eligible.

The Disadvantages of Good Sam (Cons)

There were a few negative consequences to choosing Good Sam RV insurance. These drawbacks may take the form of:

  • Customer Service: Some Good Sam customers have complained about how long it takes their customer services to process their claims. There were also indications that, despite the fact that the Good Sam webpage states that they will respond 24/7, they seem unable to be managed to reach on Sundays.
  • Expensive One-Time Payment: When it comes time to buy your insurance plan, the price may be a little higher than expected. The monthly costs, on the other hand, will be plausible.
  • Acknowledging the Fine Print: The agreement’s fine print can be challenging to understand, causing you to request your advisor more queries than required.
  • Personal Effects Option: Whereas this option covers $3,000 in stolen items from your RV, it may not always be sufficient. If you do have assets worth more than $3,000 on your RV and it is snatched, Good Sam will not encompass it.

Whilst also you presently comprehend what Good Sam has to provide, trying to figure out what to take a glance for with other RV insurance companies may be a waste of time.

RV Users Guide to Getting the Best RV Insurance

As such, when it tends to comes to RV insurance, make absolutely sure it encompasses everything you require. There are several aspects that must be covered with car insurance, however, there are a few spares that must be addressed with an RV.

So here are a few pointers to keep in mind when looking for RV insurance at Good Sam with an RV Insurance Agent:

Use a broker: Brokers could sometimes provide savings that you’d never have received if you ended up going through the firm’s agent.

Understanding the value of the RV: Fully understanding the worth of your RV would then assist your agent in determining the appropriate price for the policy you are purchasing. If your RV is good enough to justify more than the policy they have been trying to offer, it may be difficult to make an assertion in the long term.

Understand your total costs: You as well as your agent may have gotten a quote, but insurance providers have always had extra things you could indeed add on. There may be additional zone coverage that you prefer, and you should understand how they’ll be combined to calculate the exact approximate.

Reveal your RV activity to your advisor: If you reside in your RV full-time, you should tell your agent because there could be other proposals that will provide you with much more coverage. Or could it be possible that it’s just a weekend Motorhome? With just this knowledge, the cost of your policy could be reduced.

Where are you going to keep your RV: The postcode of the region where you will hold your RV can affect the cost of your plan. Definite problems or issues may arise in that location, and the policy must be modified to ensure that your RV has adequate coverage.

Think about joining an RV club: A few clubs or organizations have direct exposure to discount coupons that save you money on your insurance. Even though there are no codes when you first join, there may be some later.

What exactly is their coverage: Understand what your insurance entails. You might have missed a few extra things that you now want to include. Check with your agent again.

What are the conditions of your policy: Although it may appear tedious, check the small print. This reveals minor details that can become major issues later on when you really need to make claims.

Inquiry Questions for RV Insurance

The examples are some concerns you should consider asking an RV insurance agent more about the RV insurance provider you are interested in once you have the opportunity.

Are there any restrictions on when I can be using this policy?

Some RV insurance providers operate according to the seasons. Even during winter and early spring quarters, most folks do not use RVs. As a result, when you use your RV throughout these possible off periods, your price may increase or decrease.

I recently purchased an RV or trailer, is there any kind of coverage for this?

After purchasing an RV, most owners will pose this question. Full Replacement Loss Coverage is an excellent insurance policy to have because it helps protect your new property and enables you to obtain some other RV easily.

What is covered by my regarded policy’s roadside assistance?

From organisation to organisation, there have been some minor details or assistance that are not supplied with roadside assistance. Make certain that the company you choose has the emergency supplies you require.

Are there really any discounts I can pertain for now or in the future?

Occasionally we simply accept whatever the agent says and move on. However, there are numerous hidden discounts available at the time of the agreement. After signing, you will be able to apply for other positions.

How much will I be compensated for stolen as well as lost personal items?

This can be difficult at times because many insurance companies have a cap on how often they will charge out with you and your stolen goods. Bring this up with your representative and ensure that this figure appears in your contract.

Will the equipment in my RV be safe?

If your RV has awnings, bike racks, or air conditioners, you’ll want to make sure they’re covered by insurance. When they’re not, the equipment cost will take a significant toll on your wallet.

How will my transactions be handled?

This could assist you in finding out when and how much you’ll have to pay on any given pay date. There really are insurance companies which will collaborate with you on remuneration cycles to make sure you have coverage when you really need it.

Do you provide coverage for trips outside of the United States?

Those who already own RVs frequently travel to Mexico or Canada. There really are enterprises that will not encompass you in Mexico though will be in Canada.

Insurance Requirements for RVs

The best approach is to browse around and gather as many discount coupons and quotations, as you can that, will benefit you. Any RV insurance provider will consider these factors when determining insurance costs:

  • Model of the RV
  • Size of the RV
  • Year of the RV
  • Brand of the RV
  • The owner’s driving history
  • The owner’s credit history
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Credit Score
  • Gender
  • Storage Location


RV insurance may appear to become one of those factors that you really do not require. Whereas considering Good Sam, you may have asked yourself, “Why yes, RV insurance seems somewhat wonderful, but is this something I require right presently?

If you own an RV that qualifies as a camper van or has a motor and can be moved by itself, you must have at least liability coverage. Often these regions will require liability insurance that would cover your RV and mobile homes.

Liability insurance would cover the destruction of property as well as bodily damage done by oneself. This makes you confident in another person’s assertions. If an emergency arises when you’re on vacation, you really would like to ensure that it is managed as easily and accurately as conceivable.

And don’t forget that th entire purpose of having RV insurance is to guarantee that you are monetarily protected. Nobody wants to pay out of their own pocket for factors that are either unexpected or were not their fault entirely.

For instance, if anybody collides with your family’s RV and you don’t have RV insurance, and someone else is injured, you should now start taking them to the health centre without even being compensated. This one will end up leaving you mentally and financially exhausted as you search for ways to alleviate your financial strain. Therefore, think about how much you might need a coverage to just for your RV but for you and your family as well in the future.

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