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Good Sam Club Review

You’ve probably seen commercials or received emails for a Good Sam Club membership if you enjoy traveling in your RV. Good Sam has nearly 2 million subscribers who benefit from discounts on outdoor activities, fuel, trip planning, and much more.

Wow, the Good Sam Club has a multitude of unique benefits of membership, many more than most people are aware of. Let us just see what kind of RVing perks a Good Sam Club membership can provide, as well as whatever else Good Sam has to offer to improve your RV life and make it a little easier or more enjoyable.

What is Good Sam?

A lot of people actually join Good Sam because it offers a lot of benefits when it comes to camping or traveling. If you do not yet know what Good Sam can provide you, then that’s what we are here for.

A subscription in the Good Sam Club is similar to that of a huge RV club. You’ll save money on travel, in retail outlets, and on fuel and other camping necessities if you join.

Other goods, including roadside assistance, additional service plans, and trip assistance plans, can be added (at an additional expense) if something tragic happens while you’re abroad.

Annual subscriptions in the Good Sam Club are available in 1, 2, or 3-year increments to lock in the subscription fee.

What Services to Expect from Good Sam Club Membership?

Once people join the Good Sam Membership, members will receive a number of advantages, including:

Discounts on Retails

Camping could appear to be a cheaper alternative than booking a hotel, but the expense of supplies needed soon mounts up. Camping World, Gander Mountain, and Overtons are just a few of the renowned camping stores that provide benefits to Good Sam Club members. Free shipping, propane discounts, installation and service discounted rates, member-only offers, and prolonged refund and warranty periods are all available to you.

Discounts for Camping

You’ll get a discount on your booking if you decide to camp for one of the 2,000+ Good Sam campsites. So, at the least, you’ll get a 10% discount at any of their affiliate campgrounds. Although the discounts may not appear to be significant, they might build up over time if you journey for long periods of time. Campground discounts will surely make your RV lifestyle better and even easier! You can even start saving money or a few dollars with such offers as you enjoy a lot of camping discounts.

Savings on Fuel

Among the most pricey components, you might take note of in RV transportation is fuel. At eligible Pilot Flying J sites, a Good Sam Club membership saves you $5 upon each gallon of gas as well as 8 cents on each and every gallon of diesel. Fuel savings can never go wrong because it is such an essential part of camping and traveling.

Trip Planning with Good Sam

Even if you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned pro, having somebody assist you in planning your vacation might be beneficial. The Good Sam Trip Planner can help you figure out where to go, which one to choose along the way, and sometimes even which locations to skip. This service from Good Sam actually helps a lot of people, especially those who are less experienced than most. If you want to make your camping trip a good experience, then this will assist you a lot.

Review of Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Tire & Wheel Protection Plan

Good Sam Club does have separate insurance that fits the possible needs of your RV’s wheels and tires once they become destroyed because of several potential accidents and need to be changed as part of their emergency roadside products. Flat tire repairing (other packages throughout this section just cover repairing a flat tire using your reserve), tire renewal (if it’s destroyed further than restoration), and wheel repair and replacement (if it’s broken beyond repair) are even included in the Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan (s).

You are permitted ‘incidents’ per year with the additional plan (unlimited number of tires/wheels per occurrence, but a $750 highest amount per mishap).

Your RV or vehicle tires, on the other hand, should have at least 2/32″ thread remaining to be insured, which makes complete sense because they should be in usable shape.

The Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is included in the Roadside Support Platinum Complete Plan, therefore you won’t need to buy the Tire & Wheel Protection Plan separately if you choose this RV roadside assistance plan.

3 Roadside Assistance Plan

Three RV options (one for trailers and two for ALL RV kinds, which include motorhomes) are available:

  • Auto + RV Standard Plan (Trailers)
  • Auto + RV Platinum Plan (Motorhomes)
  • Auto + RV Platinum COMPLETE Plan (Motorhomes)

To know which one you have to choose for your own needs here are the following things to consider:

  • For Travel Trailers: (travel trailer, fifth wheel, pop-up, etc) then you can oft for the auto+RV Standard Plan.
  • For Motorhomes: (motorhome), you may have the auto+RV Platinum Plan.
  • ·For coverage of anything: buy the auto+RV Platinum Complete Plan.

Auto + RV Standard Plan (Trailers)

If you broke down by any means, the Good Sam Roadside Standard Plan will help you. They provide the following services:

  • RV Towing Service (includes covered autos)
  • RV Roadside Service (includes covered autos)

Towing Services

Until towards the closest service department, Good Sam Roadside Assistance pays 100% of the hauling charges. They will cover the entire fee regardless of how far it is.

There have been no limitations or monetary limits in place. Take note that there are also no extra charges for additional drivers. You and your entire family will be guaranteed to be covered. They shall tow simultaneously your tow car and the RV or trailer if you break down. Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boat trailers, and motorcyclists are all covered.

The Standard Plan (for towable RVs only) is presently accessible for $79.95 per year from Good Sam Roadside Assistance. (Saying that the standard price is $129.95.)

Roadside Service for RVs

If you’ve broken down but it can be fixed on the spot, you’ll require roadside assistance. North America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are all covered. You can obtain the following perks with the Good Sam

Roadside Assistance coverage:

  • Delivering a spare tire to you.
  • Getting your battery going again repairing your flat or towing you to a repair
  • shop
  • If you’ve been locked out, they’ll help you get back in.
  • If you become ill, you will be referred to a professional.
  • Bring you some gas.
  • Aid with trip interruptions

Good Sam Roadside works with over 40,000 different towing and service companies nationwide, so no matter where you will be, someone will be prepared to support you.

You’ll also save 15% throughout all AAMCO transmission shops if you have the Good Sam Roadside Assistance Standard Plan.

Auto + RV Platinum Plan (Motorhomes)

The Good Sam Roadside Platinum Plan is everything you need if you have a motorhome. The Auto + RV Standard Plan includes all of the same perks as the Auto + RV Standard Plan, and it now includes coverage for motorized RVs. This package also insures several RVs as well as borrowed, loaned, or rented vehicles (including RVs). If you own a motorhome, this is one of the services that you must have. Motorhomes are not covered by the non-platinum roadside assistance package.

Auto + RV Platinum COMPLETE Plan (Motorhomes)

The Good Sam Roadside Platinum Complete Plan adds two extra types of coverage to the ‘regular’ Platinum Plan, however, both are actually available as standalone purchases.

The Platinum Complete Plan is an excellent method to save money by bundling multiple plan kinds which can help you a ton when it comes to expenses for sure. Topping more to all of the benefits of the Platinum Plan, the Platinum Complete Plan includes the following:

Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Coverage – The Platinum Complete Plan includes the same cover as the solo Tire & Wheel Protection Plan. This covers your RV’s (and insured auto’s) gears and tires in the event that they are compromised and require repair or replacement during normal use.

Emergency Travel & Medical Assistance Services – The Platinum Complete Plan includes the very same insurances as the solo Good Sam Travel Assist package. If you have a medical issue whilst traveling and require support with medical aid, travel, or RV/vehicle return, this plan can help.

Good Sam Extended Service Plan Review

Another great perk among the Good Sam services and membership programs is this one, The Good Sam Extended Service Plan (ESP) is technical failure insurance, but not an RV extension warranty.

A complimentary 22-point inspection at Camping World is already included in your Good Sam ESP package. This perk is actually limitless, so you can use it every time you go camping for further reassurance. It will provide you with more peace of mind whenever you travel and camp which makes it a great package and service option for membership.

An A-rated underwriter backs the Good Sam Extended Service Plan. It’s an insurance program that you own. However, please do bear in mind that it’s a service plan, not an extended warranty for your RV.


The Good Sam Extended Service Plan, according to their website, encompasses: “Most major RV components. Transmission, drive axle, suspension, steering, brakes, engine, heating and cooling systems, generator, refrigerator, range and oven, electronics and electrical, L.P. gas, water heater, waste system, water system and fuel delivery.”

You can discover out what is or is not included for your special subset of RV on their website Page. If you have a malfunction, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan can assist you. What’s even better is within the event of a system failure, they reimburse unanticipated travel costs for up to 5 days.

They also provide $100 for up to five days to support housing, food, and other expenses. Note that they will only pay up to $100 per day that your unit is actively having handled; if you have to spend a weekend and the rig was not being operated on, Good Sam won’t reimburse you.

They also provide a rental automobile for $60 per day for up to 5 days. If you’re insuring a towed automobile, though, you won’t be able to claim a rental car compensation (an example of this is a travel trailer).

Because the Good Sam ESP can be transferred to a new owner, a sale becomes much more appealing.

Good Sam’s RV Insurance Review

An RV can be insured through the Good Sam Club. What makes Good Sam Insurance superior to a regular insurance provider?

They are familiar with recreational vehicles, making them an excellent organization to trust with your RVs. As a result, they provide specific benefits not available from standard insurance firms.

If you work full-time, they do provide coverage for you. Let’s say you work full-time yet wish to spend a couple of months at an Air BNB.

Whenever you are really not utilizing your Good Sam insurance, you can suspend the coverages you might not need. Awnings and antennae are examples of permanent attachments that are covered. Traditional insurance firms do not provide this service.

Users can acquire a single insurance policy that covers both an RV and their car(s), and they can save up to 20% by bundling policies.

Good Sam Membership provides coverage for personal possessions in the RV. There were just a handful of the coverage advantages provided by Good Sam.

Motorhomes parked I Rv campgrounds at sunrise on nice sunny days

Good Sam’s Travel Assist Review

Are you worried about having to deal with medical issues all of a sudden while on a camping trip or vacation on the road? Well, the Good Sam Club offers insurance that will help you with this problem.

Good Sam Travel Assist essentially provides medical support while being on the journey and gives emergency medical transportation if needed.

How does this medical assistance work?

Should RV travellers encounter a genuine emergency while on the trip and are unable to resume their journey, this insurance will assist them. It provides coverage that current medical insurance does not. If you need to travel to the hospital, Good Sam Travel Assist will transport your RV back to your home location. They will take your pet to your residence if you do have one. This is one of their great membership club perks and coverage you can opt for.

Your medical emergency journey will be covered by Good Sam Travel Assist. This will cover return flights for you, your partner, family, or maybe even a traveling companion in the case of emergencies.

This coverage from Good Sam Club Membership doesn’t just do its purpose when needed but it also helps you have some peace of mind while traveling because you can expect to get help and support in times of real emergencies and problems.

This will be like having a personal physician. In the event of a medical emergency, they will look after you and your companions. They even follow up with you and maintain track of your progress.

A single, family, or pair plan can be purchased. These are indeed very cheap, and it is strongly advised that you take advantage of this perk if you are frequently on the road.

They often run a bargain on the plans for a limited time period which you may come across too in the future so keep your heads up. (A single person, a couple, or a family)

As a result, it’s no surprise that Good Sam Travel Assist goes up for sale occasionally. When you’re not in a hurry, keep an eye out for sales to save money.

Good Sam Membership Credit Card

Good Sam even has a credit card where you can earn appropriate reward points making your RV life easier.

Users earn points for items purchased at their firms, such as Camping World and other related brands. You are rewarded with gas points which makes your RV trip fruitful not just with adventures and experiences. There is no yearly charge for this.

Of course, you must meet certain requirements in order to receive the card.

Pros and Cons


With Good Sam Membership, you can get discounts on products and services that are essential to having a great RV vacation. It is also a great deal for you and your traveling companions when it comes to safety. In the event of an emergency, you can have security for both your RV and your family members while being on the road.

With this, you have a second set of eyes to look over your vacation plans to see any potential problems. You can also get to spend less on camping fees, which can add up quickly. Fuel savings are essential not to mention they also give RV loans that can be very helpful to you,

Lastly, it assists you in ways more than one with RV camping, especially with its trip planner.


The cost of complete protection with all Good Sam services could be quite high. Most consumers are unaware of the fine print until they are in need of assistance. If you are not prepared for all the expenses with the coverage and insurances you pick the chances are you may get overwhelmed with everything you have to pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Sign up for a Good Sam Club Membership?

A Good Sam Club membership is simple to obtain. Begin by looking for and visiting their website, then selecting a plan you want to have. After you’ve decided on a plan, click ‘Join Now’ and fill out the relevant information, which includes:

First and last name of you and your spouse; Address; Phone number; RV type; Email address; and Create a password

After filling out the form, proceed to the checkout page to start your membership.

How can I get camping discounts with Good Sam Club on a campground?

If you’re planning to pay in hand, all you must do is display your Good Sam membership card to earn your discount.

If you’re booking a campsite online, remember to give your Good Sam membership number in the relevant field to receive your savings.

Does Good Sam Club cover a hotel discount?

The answer to that is yes. You might just save up to 20% on Wyndham Hotel Group hotels if you register for the Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance package, which covers over 7,000 properties countrywide.

Each hotel has its own set of savings opportunities.

Conclusion: Is Good Sam worth it for the camping world?

A Good Sam Membership can be a terrific way of saving expenses if you traverse by RV often.

Only the most regular membership can save you money on the things and programs you use most of the time and it’s immensely valuable.

A Good Sam Membership might give you the peace of mind you require constantly if you travel frequently and are concerned about the price of restorations, medical crises, or having the benefit you and your family require while in strange surroundings.

Depending on your budget and the number of expenses you’re willing to pay, Good Sam will be worth it considering all the benefits you get. The more insurances you opt for, the more it provides you with greater coverage for your camping and traveling. However, not everyone will be willing to pay for everything they offer. This is why you must think of the consequences, the benefits, and the expense you can offer and will be offered.

As long as you pick only what you think you need, you will definitely get the guaranteed services from the Good Sam Club which is why it can still be definitely worth it no matter what insurances and programs you choose!

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