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39 Thoughtful Gifts For RV Owners [Under $20, Handy, Clever, Fun, and Awesome Categories]

Are you in need of some RV gift ideas but don’t know where to start? Finding the perfect camping gifts for RVers can be difficult.

This is especially true for the non-RVer gift-givers. The last thing you want is to WASTE your money on a perfectly useless RV gift!

Whether you are gifting a full-time RVer or a loved one who just enjoys road trips, this gift guide covers it all.

The no-brainer RV gift tip is to always get something functional, lightweight, and practical. Plus points if you get something that is multi-purpose and fun.

A Breakdown of the RV Gift List

We understand that RV gift-givers can vary in terms of budget and preference, so we divided the gifts for RV owners into five categories:

  1. Gifts for RV Owners Under 20$
  2. Handy Outdoor RVer Gifts
  3. Clever Indoor Gifts for RV campers
  4. Fun Gift Ideas for RV Owners
  5. Awesome RV Gifts for Mom and Dad

All the gift ideas mentioned below will have corresponding Amazon links so that you can be directed to your RV gifts with ease.

1 – Gifts for RV Owners Under $20

Budget gift-givers rejoice! Look no further. Here are some gifts for RV owners that are just as accessible through Amazon as they are budget-friendly:

Folding Step Tool

This safe, space-saving gift has a number of functions perfect for all those RV camping trips.

Access higher cabinets with ease and help kids reach the sink or countertop. You don’t have to worry about slipping either, this gift is expertly designed with a non-slip texturized grip.

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Stasher Bags

Stasher bags are among the best kitchen gifts for RVers.

For a reasonable price, you get reusable silicone storage solutions that don’t take up space in your refrigerator. Easily arrange food during a road trip with the different size and color offerings.

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Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

Though these may be ideal for wine, the tumblers are suited to keep other beverages cool or hot as well.

Anything from coffee, tea, water, or even camp cocktails can be kept here. The lids prevent spillage and are perfect during bumpy RV road trips.

Personalize your gift by choosing a color that best fits your RVer family member or friend.

Pro Tip for RV Gifts: Add a Camp Cocktails e-book (e-books take up less space) to your gift, and put the tumblers to even better use. Each cocktail recipe is bound to elevate the RV lifestyle!

Buy Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers here. Price varies per size.

Buy the Camp Cocktails E-Book here for just $12.99.

Charcoal Air Purifiers

Spending most hours of the day inside an RV, the road trip life can get stuffy every now and then.

This gift naturally eliminates any bad odors in the RV WITHOUT the artificial scent. Hang them around the RV as they come in packs of 4, a perfect gift for travel trailer owners.

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Bungee Cords

Any motorhome owner will surely appreciate receiving a bundle of bungee cords.

The camper life isn’t always smooth sailing, with uneven roads here and there. This RV accessory will hold items in place during those road trips.

Buy a bundle here for just $13.99.

Deck of Cards

Sometimes, something as simple as a deck of cards can go a long way.

Owning a deck of cards means lots of games you can entertain yourself with. And if you’re surrounded by fellow RVers, it can only get better.

Card games are a great way to spend quality time during trips. They require every player’s presence of mind, meaning no phones or other distractions.

And if you have a handful of decks on hand, share your decks with neighboring RV owners. They can join in on the fun and play a game of their own!

Buy a Deck of Cards for $13.99 here.

2 – Handy Outdoor RVer Gifts

RVing is not to be mistaken for spending all your time in the RV.

A lot of times, RV campers settle down to relax and enjoy the scenery. This often takes place on visits to national parks, RV parks, and the like.

Below are a number of gift ideas any RV owner is sure to love.

Zero Gravity Chairs

These lightweight, foldable chairs are a great addition to your outdoor RV camping activities.

It comes with a detachable tray where you can easily place your drinks and valuables, so they can always be within reach.

Enjoy its ergonomic features and padded headrest as you unwind around family and friends.

Buy a Zero Gravity Chair here for $104.99.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Is any camping trip complete without roasting some marshmallows?

You can never go wrong with these non-toxic forks as camping gifts. Near or far from the fire pit, roast away safely with its extendable rod.

The perfect gift and stocking stuffers for kids, adults, and camping friends alike!

Buy Marshmallow Roasting Sticks here. Prices start at $17.95.

Propane Fire Pit

No RV enthusiast likes the lingering smell of a campfire.

A propane fire pit has done wonders for camper life. Now, outdoor fires can be done without worrying about the post-camp scent.

Stay warm and cozy without the sparks and smoke a normal fire emits. This item is designed to withstand different weather conditions and is also lightweight and portable.

Buy a Propane Fire Pit here for $129.99.

Pop Up Trash Can

Any RV owner will surely appreciate this unusual, yet convenient gift. All those travels and camping setups can accumulate lots of trash. Dispose and keep trash away from bugs with the zip-top feature.

A responsible RVer knows better than to leave a site littered. Keep an RV free from trash and be a mindful camper.

The best gifts are, after all, the ones that follow an environment-friendly design.

Buy a Pop Up Trash Can here for $19.99.

Ice Chest

Are you even an RV enthusiast if you don’t own an ice chest?

Every travel trailer needs a reliable cooler to store food and drinks over an extended period. A no-brainer gift for RV owners, this heavy-duty ice chest is portable and easy to drain.

Buy an Ice Chest here for $150.00.

Tire Pressure Monitor

RV owners know that safety always comes first. When on the road, it is important to ensure that your RV is in its best shape always.

This is what makes the tire pressure monitor the ultimate motorhome gift.

This device prevents tire blowouts by alarming RVers when tire pressure is high or low. It may come at a rather hefty price for a gift, but no price is too high for the safety of your family and friends.

Buy a Tire Pressure Monitor here for $599.99.

Roadside Rescue Kit

In line with the importance of safety mentioned above, another essential in this list is the Roadside Rescue Kit.

Think of it as a first aid kit on steroids.

A kit is equipped with all kinds of aid, may it be for a human or for the RV.

It includes a first aid kit, flashlight, roadside warning sign, jumper cables, tow strap, magnesium fire starter, bungee cords, and more. The bag’s design allows for additional tools to be added to the kit.

Gift your family and friends with this kit and provide their RV trips with some peace of mind.

Buy a Roadside Rescue Kit here.

Pet Fence

Now, what good would bringing your pet along be if they can’t run around the campsite without worry?

Pet fences give you and your pet the best of both worlds. Your pet/s enjoys the landscape and roams around a good amount of space, while you don’t need to worry about them getting lost around the site.

The fence can be adjusted into different shapes according to your pet’s liking. Simply stack or fold the fences on top of each other for easy storage.

Buy a Pet Fence for $174.88 here.

Rain Ponchos

Rain ponchos are a compact and space-saving piece of clothing that every RV owner needs.

Weather can be unpredictable at times, and RVers always have to be prepared for the occasion. Surely, any RV owner wouldn’t want to endure the hassle of getting his or her clothes soaked!

Make sure to get a lot of extra ponchos to ensure that every member of the RV has one.

Buy Rain Ponchos for $10.98 here.

3 – Clever Indoor Gifts for RV Campers

The RV life is a relatively simple life, most of the time.

RVing entails being in a confined space with limited storage. Sometimes, this could also mean limited resources in comparison to regular household functions.

This is why we have also compiled a list of clever indoor gift ideas RVers will love!

Magnetic Spice Jars

Who says RVers CAN’T be certified foodies or chefs? Spices are essential in creating delicious meals, no matter where you may be.

One thing is for sure: RV owners VALUE space. And they will always go for space-saving options for practically every item in their RV!

That’s why these magnetic spice jars make for a great gift idea. They make for a cute novelty wall display and store your spices at the same time.

Buy a pack of 15 Magnetic Spice Jars here for just $37.99.

Instant Pot

The gift list would not be complete without an instant pot.

If you’re a fan of instant pots, then you know just how convenient and functional it is. And they have already become a staple in the RV accessories department. The instant pot features include the following:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Steamer
  • Saute pan
  • Food warmer
  • Yogurt maker
  • Can cook for up to 6 people

Yup, that’s a lot of features for just one appliance. That’s why it’s the perfect gift for RV owners. If that wasn’t enough, it comes with a free Instant Pot app that contains lots of recipes for RV e-readers to try out!

Buy an Instant Pot here for $79.99.

Compact Kitchen Gadgets

Have your kitchen tools in one device and save lots of space in your RV. This gift includes:

  • Grater
  • Veggie peeler
  • Grinder
  • Pizza slicer
  • Can opener

They may not be the most popular kitchen essentials, but this is what makes the gadget even more perfect! The tools are combined into a keychain, making it a smart gift for RV owners.

Buy Compact Kitchen Gadgets here.

Cell Signal Booster

This is an especially thoughtful gift idea for the work-from-RV motorhome owners. Being on the road constantly can make finding reception difficult. Signals inevitably change as locations change.

Everything is done online nowadays, especially at work.

Make life easier for your hardworking friend or family member who is planning an RV trip soon. Allow them better access to signal and productivity with a cell signal booster.

Buy a Cell Signal Booster here for $229.00.

Packing Cubes

If it wasn’t said enough, space is a top priority for motorhome owners.

Packing Cubes help keep small spaces organized and protect your valuables. As for as RV gifts go, you can never go wrong with this safe option.

Packing Cubes are also small enough to fit inside suitcases.

This makes packing for the road easier as well. The mesh material of these organizers allows RVers to quickly identify the contents of each bag. No need to play the guessing game here!

Buy a 4-piece set of Packing Cubes here for just $22.72.

4 – Fun Gift Ideas for RV Owners

Yes, there are a lot of technical and functional elements to RVing, but that doesn’t mean some parts of it aren’t fun!

One reason why RV owners embark on such trips is to enjoy the journey anyway. It’s not always about making it to the destination.

With that, we have rounded up a list of some of the best gifts for RV owners who are fun-loving and adventure-seeking.

Harvest Hosts Membership

Memberships such as this are one of the most exciting gifts for RV owners. For only $79 dollars per year, RV owners get to explore over 600 locations spread across the continent. The selections vary from wineries, cideries, breweries, farms, and more.

This gift idea allows your family and friends to discover new places where they can share their love for beverages with fellow RVers.

Get a Harvest Hosts Membership here for just $79.00.

RV State Sticker Map

Satisfy every RVer’s wanderlust with this crafty state sticker map.

It keeps track of all the states that have been visited in the country. Each state has a corresponding sticker, which is then stuck onto the map once a state has been visited.

This gift is a nostalgic way to showcase travels. It’s something RVers can always look back at when recalling trips.

Buy an RV State Sticker Map here for $21.99.

Annual Pass to United States National Parks

Not exactly interested in the intricacies of beverage making? No need to worry.

Trips to national parks make for the complete RV experience. And for only $79.99 per year, five RV owners you know can bask in the parks’ natural beauties.

Gifts become more memorable when they are converted into experiences.

Any senior citizens among your loved ones? If they are looking to become RV owners, you can avail of the pass for only $20.

Get an Annual Pass to United States National Parks here. Prices vary.


What’s more relaxing than swaying on a hammock after a long day of driving an RV?

When it comes to camping gifts, you can’t go wrong with a hammock! It isn’t the most practical addition nor is it a camper essential, which is exactly why RVers will be delighted to receive it as a gift.

Feel free to share this with a fellow RVer as this hammock can carry up to 400 pounds of weight. It can even transform into a yoga mat, sleeping mat, cradle, tent, or swing.

Buy a Hammock for $69.99 here.

Coloring Book

The RV life can sometimes feel tedious with all the long hours spent inside.

You can easily run out of things to do if you’re not the one driving the RV. Let your creative side shine through the Happy Campers Adult Coloring Book!

You’ll find 30 art activities that you can either pattern, shade, or color.

Kids and adults are guaranteed to enjoy this. Share the coloring book with a fellow RVer for a therapeutic group art session or do it solo.

Buy a Happy Campers Adult Coloring Book for $6.37 here.

Portable Projector

RV owners will never run out of camper activities with this portable projector.

The perfect gift for RV owners who ENJOY watching movies and shows. And if the kids ever get bored at campsites, simply set up this lightweight device and project the movie or show it onto the side of your RV.

The portable projector can even double as a speaker. It also links easily to wifi services or other devices via an HDMI port. Turn your camping trip into a movie theater for family and friends to enjoy.

Buy a Portable Projector for $229.99 here.

Bluetooth Speaker

Do your RVer loved ones prefer listening to music over watching movies?

RV owners can sing to their favorite tracks and have every camper join the sing-a-long with this trusty Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers are also perfect for music once you’ve set up camp somewhere. Just make sure no one else is too close by that it disrupts their relaxation!

Buy a Bluetooth Speaker for $39.00 here.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Anyone who says reading isn’t fun just probably hasn’t found their literary cup of tea yet.

Again, with space in an RV being limited, this serves as the perfect storage space for all your reading materials.

Choose from the different colors and storage spaces they offer. E-readers now have Audible as well.

So if you end up feeling dizzy while reading in the RV, pair your e-reader to headphones and listen to an audiobook instead.

50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where To Go, When To Go, What To See, What To Do

When it comes to gifts for RV lovers, this book is always a smart and fun choice. This guide by National Geographic supplies RVers with endless travel and activity ideas.

The book also contains popular travel destinations as well as some less-traveled ones.

It includes a lot of information about the places so that readers can make more informed decisions on their next road trip.

Buy 50 States, 5, 000 Ideas: Where To Go, When To Go, What To See, What To Do for $12.41 here.

5 – Awesome RV Gifts for Mom and Dad

The list would not be complete without providing some of the best gifts for all the RV moms and dads out there.

This RV gift guide accounts for all the items that just scream functional, convenient, and practical.

Let’s Start With The Best Gifts for RV Moms

Amazon Gift Card

There’s a reason why moms are presumed to know best. It’s the simple truth of life.

For a mom/newfound RV owner, nothing can be quite as fitting as an Amazon Gift Card. Let mom be the one to choose her items because yes, she does know best!

Some of the best gifts we receive are the ones we have full control over. This gives us an opportunity to get what we truly want or need rather than gifts we might just deem useless in the long run.

Get an Amazon Gift Card here. Prices vary.

Cast Iron Skillet

The best meals are always homemade, or in this case, RV-made!

Make meals more MEMORABLE with the right kitchen tools. What’s great about a cast iron skillet is that you can use it on a stovetop and on a campfire too.

Its ergonomic, high-quality design makes for a durable addition to the home of RV owners alike.

Buy a Cast Iron Skillet for $24.99 here.

Magic Bullet Blender

Smoothies are always a delicious and fun way of incorporating fruits and other nutrients into your meals.

Simply throw in some milk, chocolate, or other toppings for kids to enjoy on a sunny afternoon inside the RV.

The Magic Bullet Blender comes with some additional blades, cups, and even a recipe book for RV owners to use.

Considering the space of an RV, you can also do without some of these additions and only pack the ones really needed.

Buy an 11-piece Magic Bullet Blender set for $29.99 here.

RV Bed Mattress

Nothing shows appreciation more than a fluffy and luxurious mattress.

As far as motorhome gifts go, an RV bed mattress is one of the best gifts your mom will look forward to after a long day of RVing.

The mattress is made of memory foam that specializes in compressing into a small container that ultimately saves space in an RV.

Buy an RV Bed Mattress here. Price varies per size and thickness.

Plush Robe

To complement the previous gift ideas for RV moms, throw in a plush robe for the ultimate travel trailer experience.

After a full day of entertaining and taking care of family, trust us when we say that a plush robe will make all the difference in the relaxation department.

The knee-length robe is designed to keep mom warm and cozy in the RV. And if you’re feeling up to it, add some bedroom slippers to complete the look!

Buy a Plush Robe for $16.64 here and a pair of Bedroom Slippers here.

Now, Let’s Move On To The Best Gifts for RV Dads

Oftentimes, it can be a bit challenging to buy gifts for dads. They do have the tendency to be more particular and technical when it comes to gifts.

Even more so when it comes to gifts for the RV.

All dads surely take the space of an RV into consideration when it comes to their belongings. They would only want to pack what is necessary but also know what items to keep for all things fun.

Here are a few great RV gift ideas for dads.

Blackstone Grill

What’s a camp or barbeque without a grill?

RV trips involve a lot of stopovers to enjoy the scenery or rest. Make these stopovers even more worthwhile with a Blackstone Grill and watch dad cook to his heart’s content!

Its portable size easily makes it one of the best gifts for RV owners who love to grill.

Buy a Blackstone Grill for $96.95 here.

RV Lock

One gift you can’t go wrong with is an RV lock. Any RV owner will need this in their arsenal to keep trips safe. It’s easy to install and easy to use as well.

Secure all valuables in the RV every time you leave it.

The design integrates a keypad wherein endless lock combinations can be placed. If keypads aren’t dad’s preference, he can opt for wireless fobs or keys instead.

Pro RV Tip: Before purchasing, verify that the RV is compatible with the RV Lock.

Buy an RV Lock for $259.99 here.

Security Cameras

Camper owners know that sometimes, an RV lock is not enough for safety.

RVing involves a lot of traveling to different destinations. Most of the time, in unfamiliar territory. Come prepared with security cameras to secure your RV with.

Any unusual sounds or movements can be easily detected since these security cameras can connect to smartphones.

This is also a useful present for an RV owner who leaves their home often for RVing. The weatherproof features allow Dad to set it up either indoors or outdoors.

Now, Dad can have peace of mind every time he leaves his home or RV.

Buy Security Cameras for $249.95 here.

Berkey Water Filter

One thing is for sure: Dads appreciate uncomplicated gifts that make all the difference in livelihood.

Water is, of course, is essential in daily lives. It can sometimes be difficult to access clean water as you travel in an RV.

This is why water filters have become popular gifts for RV owners.

These RV gifts are environment-friendly as they prevent the use of plastic bottles. H

eavy metal, bacteria, and unwanted viruses are filtered out with the water purification system. Feel free to use the water safely!

Buy a Berkey Water Filter here. Prices vary.

Tool Set

If your dad has always had a knack for tools and fixing things at home, then you should definitely get him this CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Set.

Despite the number of tools it carries, the entire set only weighs 5.8 pounds. Opt to bring one tool or bring them all. Either way, it still saves dad space!

Toolsets are smart gifts for RV dads. You’ll never really know when a mishap could strike during RV trips. It’s always important to be ready to troubleshoot inconveniences.

Buy a CARTMAN 148-piece Tool Set for $28.99 here.

There You Have It, The Best Gifts for RV Owners

We hope you were able to find at least one suitable gift for your RVer loved one. Remember that when buying gifts, it is always important to buy with the recipient in mind.

For additional guidance, ask yourself the following questions in order to know what RV gifts best suit your loved one:

  • What does your RVer love one already own?
  • What does your loved one enjoy the most when RVing?
  • What else does your loved one need for RVing?
  • What has your loved one been wanting for his/her RV?

Were these tips and suggestions helpful? Let us know and share your experiences in the comment section below!

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