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What’s the Cheapest Class B RV

What's the Cheapest Class B RV

The RV lifestyle is fantastic, but for some individuals, the entry barrier may be too great. Many RVs are rather expensive; most of them are even as expensive as a tiny house!

Nevertheless, becoming an RVer doesn’t require you to sell certain things to have fortunes.  Even the smallest Class B RV might have enough space to be comfortable when traveling.

In light of this, we have produced a list of the top five most affordable Class B RV models available. These little RVs are fully-loaded and cost-effective, regardless of whether you’re fresh out of the world of RVing or you simply want to downgrade towards something smaller and much less expensive.

What is a Class B RV?

There are three main class levels that can be used to compare different RVs. The best option is a Class A motorhome, with some being comparable to mobile five-star hotels. Numerous Class C RVs have the traditional pickup truck cab with a bed above it, making them slightly smaller and much more transportable.

Camper vans are another term for a Class B motorhome that is reasonably priced. These sets are the smallest choice, which accounts for their low price. Yet, there are some roomy vehicles available that let you get a little exercise even while overnight camping. Below are some justifications for buying the least expensive Class B RV.

  • Affordable Upkeep: These cars have higher gas mileage because they are smaller. Large Class A rigs can use a lot of gasoline, increasing your overall travel expenses. A Class C RV also allows for less trash disposal.
  • Simple Customization: You can acquire a custom-built Class B motorhome for a reasonable price; we’ll discuss this more in a later section of the text. In many instances, you can spend significantly less than what you would normally pay for an ordinary, “off the rack” device.
  • Additional Travel Choices: Class A rigs or travel trailers have the drawback of being difficult to maneuver. During day excursions and leisure, you should typically carry a smaller car. Yet with reasonably priced class B RV models, you can travel everywhere and park in most locations with no issues.

Overall, owning a cheap Class B motorhome may be a lot of fun and allow you to visit a lot more places in luxury. Class B RVs are similar to operating a large minivan, although larger rigs might be challenging to drive or park. In truth, a minivan chassis is used to build several versions. The inexpensive Class B RV models we’ve chosen can take you on some amazing experiences as long as you’re aware of what to anticipate. Let’s investigate them.

Class B+ RVs

RVs, come in two varieties: class B and class B+. Class B+ RVs are intermediate between class B and class C RVs and are often longer than 20 feet. They frequently have amenities like complete restrooms, extra storage, and sleeping areas.

These are not the best for covert camping, though, and they also require more petrol. Even though a campervan simply contains a bed, a tiny kitchen, and some storage, it is still considered a class B RV because it is fully functional.

Outdoor showers plus portable toilets are frequent extras for tiny campers. To make it easier to stand inside the van while it is parked, many campers might additionally include a pop-top roof.

Luxurious class B campers often have additional features and are constructed on larger van chassis. The majority will have a wet bath with enough headroom to easily stand up, a toilet, a basin, and a shower all in one enclosed area.

Class B RVs are typically 16 to 19 feet long and constructed on sturdy truck or van chassis. Such vehicles are upgraded to a level between a class B and a class C RV by class B+ RVs.

Even though they have a sturdy frame and an average length of 23 feet, these motorhomes are considerably bigger than typical class B RVs.

The bathroom room is frequently expanded using this additional square footage. In addition to having greater storage and sometimes more sleeping space than other class B RVs, Class B+ RVs frequently contain a dry bathroom with a shower that is separated from the toilet.

A new class B RV can cost anywhere from $60,000 to more than $300,000.

The type of class B RV you select, together with its make, model, and brand, will have a significant impact on the price range. Let’s examine a few of the most affordable new class B RVs now available.

New Options for Cheapest Class B RVs

Pleasure-Way 2021.5 Tofino

Pleasure-Way 2021.5 Tofino

  • Price: $74,000
  • Dimensions: 17′ 9″ L, 8′ 2″ H


  • Mini Fridge
  • Blackout Shades
  • Induction stove
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Pop-Up Roof
  • Swivel Front Seats

Moving about within a Class B motorhome might be difficult. Some types are high-top vans with plenty of headroom, but others, such as the Tofino, let you practically lift the roof. This reasonably priced Class B RV features a pop-up part that not only expands the inside but also permits additional natural light. The best part is that you can place an additional bed up there, increasing your resting capacity. The back sofa can be made into a bed if you’d like to remain on the ground.

You can manage to tour the nation in luxury because this is one of the least expensive Class B RV models. With the Tofino, you may pick from three striking colors, and its small profile helps you move freely. This compact RV’s interior is sleek and contemporary, with artificial granite countertops and a subdued gray and black color scheme.

You may add solar panels or even a solar generator to your minivan to power your numerous gadgets if you want to make it even more adaptable. You can leave the side door wide open without allowing the outside in by adding a movable screen.

2021 Roadtrek Play

2021 Roadtrek Play

  • Price: $104,000
  • Dimensions: 20′ 9″ L, 9′ 5″ H


  • Built-In Driver’s Table
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Dual-Burner Stove
  • Convertible Sink and Stove
  • Retractable Power Awning

We’ve examined tractors with pop-up portions, extra sleeping areas, and complete showers so far; you may also put together a list of the best options before evaluating the most inexpensive Class B RV models.

If you are looking to scale back, though, you may go for something like the Roadtrek Play, which lacks both of those features. You must instead wash outside if you want to. You can install a privacy screen, but you must be mindful of the weather forecast.

This reasonably priced Class B motorhome has the customary conveniences inside, like front swivel seats. Also, this device has an integrated table which means the driver or passenger may dine or write without entering the back compartment.

A compact RV seldom has much counter space, but the Play lets you cover the stoves and sink with plastic panels. You gain additional room in this manner without having to give up necessities.

The Roadtrek Play offers two different sleeping arrangements. Based on how many passengers you intend to bring, the back bedroom can be either three twin beds or even a king-size bed.

2020 Winnebago Solis Camper Van

Winnebago Solis

  • Price: $107,000
  • Dimensions: 19′ 9″ L, 9′ H


  • Pop-Up Top
  • Rear Roll-Up Screen
  • Convertible Murphy Bed
  • Under Floor Storage
  • Swivel Front Seats
  • Dual-Burner Stove

This Class B RV may not be the most inexpensive one we’ve seen, yet it remains significantly less expensive than other models, including those from Winnebago. We were unable to omit this brand from the list, though, because it is essentially associated with RVing. Although Winnebago has a variety of camper vans, the Solis is the least expensive Class B RV alternative.

Since it is a little bit longer than the majority of Class B motorhomes, you will have extra space inside to roam around and unwind. You can select between two alternative designs; one contains a Murphy bed and the other a rear folding sofa bed. A Murphy bed is perfect if you’re touring with some more than two individuals. Alternatively, a rear sofa is frequently a preferable option.

This reasonably priced Class B RV features all the comforts you could want, including a good-sized restroom, additional sleeping space in the pop-up area, and a dual-burner kitchen.

The Solis has a lot of storage space, along with a sizable compartment underneath the floor, which is another element we enjoy.

BT Cruiser Affordable Class B+ RV

BT Cruiser Affordable Class B+ RV

  • Price: $80,000-$100,000
  • Dimensions: 22′ 6″ L, 10′ 6″ H


  • Built-In TV
  • Three-Burner Stove w/Oven
  • Overhead Storage
  • Interior Shower
  • Built-In Closet
  • Full-Size Refrigerator

This could appear to be a Class C outfit upon first look, but it actually belongs in the B category. This can be among the least expensive Class B RV alternatives, based on where you purchase your vehicle.

Usually, buying a secondhand car will save you a ton of cash. Thankfully, you may find secondhand RVs like this one in the sizable aftermarket sector.

You have some wonderful luxuries inside because of its expanded size. As one of the few reasonably priced Class B RVs with a stove as well as an oven, it enables you to prepare meals more regularly while you’re traveling. A full-size refrigerator is also included with the BT Cruiser, making it even better for storing a lot of food in between stops.

The BT Cruiser Class B motorhome does have a built-in TV, so you’re prepared for amusement. This is a clear advantage because most camper vans don’t really have TVs in order to save room.

The built-in wardrobe in this vehicle will assist you in maintaining your things wrinkle-free and tidy.

2023 Coachmen NOVA 20RB

Coachmen Nova

  • Price: $90,00 – $110,000
  • Dimensions: 20′ 11″, 9′ 4″


  • Swivel Front Seat
  • Removable Front Table
  • Dual Twin Beds
  • Swivel TV
  • Wet Bath

The Nova from Coachmen represents the most straightforward and cost-effective Class B RV alternative on the market. You might be able to purchase it for below $100,000, relying on where you shop.

The 20RB and 20C floorplans of this Class B motorhome are two separate variations. The RB is perfect because it has two twin beds, giving you and your traveling companion space to spread out. It’s far more adaptable is the center table, which can be swiveled and used in your lap while being in bed.

The wet bath in the Nova Class B RV is one of its distinctive features. The wet bath enables you to perform both tasks in one area rather than having a separate shower and toilet. Everything you require in order to get clean is flip the sink up and turn on the water.

Despite the fact that there is a closet right beside you, it really does require some getting used to, yet it helps conserve room. In order to feel less cramped, having a wet bath guarantees that a greater portion of the camper’s inside is spread out.

How Can You Get a Class B Camper Van Cheaper

How Can You Get a Class B Camper Van Cheaper?

Purchasing a used Class B camper van is the apparent method to reduce costs. This will be true for the majority of purchases, with the exception of rare and collectible models. How about purchasing new ones, though?

Dealer pricing versus MSRP

If you begin your search on the manufacturer’s website, you could assume you lack the funds. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price (MSRP), however, frequently varies from the price you’d pay at an RV dealership.

Usually, the dealer will pay far less for an RV than the manufacturer would recommend. The markup is the difference between what the dealer pays and what they charge clients. Based on the type and features of the RV, we predict that a dealer’s markup in the RV sector could range from 20% to 40%.

Dealers have wiggle space with this markup. You might have more opportunities to haggle the closer the dealer’s price is to the MSRP.

A few retailers provide discounts. They typically do this as a model year gradually ends or right before the month’s end, when bonuses or incentives could prompt the dealer to get more competitive with pricing.

Stock Models vs. Add-Ons

The price can vary depending on the characteristics that you need. However, the camper van will cost more than the more bells and whistles it has. You’ll pay less if you settle for a Class B RV that resembles the standard design.

Knowing what you desire, what you’re able to live without, and your bottom line are also essential. With this knowledge, you may specify your options and negotiate more firmly with the vendor.

Browse Across the Country for the Greatest Prices

After you are certain of what you want, conduct a thorough search. Various locations have varied economic environments that may influence how much a dealer bargains. Purchasing an RV outside of your home state could save you thousands of dollars, but be sure to compare vendors from other areas and take taxes and fees into account.

A lot of people have their RVs purchased outside of the state because the prices there were considerably better. Therefore, some people’s Class A motorhome could’ve been purchased in Arizona, some truck campers in California, and then maybe a fifth wheel in Tennessee. The savings more than offset the expense of travel.

For Your Trips, Hire A Class B RV

It is not surprising that renting a class B RV is now a possibility given the acceptance of RV road trips and the availability of housing choices like Airbnb.

RVs are an affordable option for a typical holiday and can be leased from dealerships or private individuals.

Renting a class B RV typically costs between $100 and $200 per night for vehicles older than ten years and between $200 and 350 per night for cars younger than ten years.

Anyone who isn’t prepared to dedicate themselves to buying an RV might consider renting one instead because you only have to pay for the times you use it, which ends up saving you money over time.

Invest On A Used Class B RV

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to acquire a budget camper van is to purchase a used class B RV.

You can discover everything from fresher vans offered by people wishing to upgrade to ancient, high-mileage vans for under $10,000, relying on your budget.

If you’re searching for a used recreational vehicle, keep in mind that knowing what to look for will help you get the greatest and most affordable purchase. To further prepare yourself prior to buying, consider the following advice:

  • Conduct research
  • Know what you want before you start looking.
  • Compare prices
  • Identify the reasonable value.
  • Purchase in the fall or winter, after the busiest travel period, has passed.
  • Before purchasing, ask inquiries and give the car a once-over.

Note that being picky can help you save money and help you locate the ideal RV for your travels. It’s easy to become enthusiastic about exploring the open road, so it could be enticing to purchase the first RV you look at.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Price of a Class B RV?

When we tell you the price of a Class B RV, which usually ranges in MSRP from $100,000 to upwards of $200,000, you won’t experience too much sticker shock if you’ve spent any amount of time browsing cheap camper vans. If you know where to search as well as how to obtain dealer prices, you can find a vehicle for under $100,000.

What you desire along with what you’re ready to give up ultimately determines the price of a Class B RV, taking into account a variety of considerations.

How Come Class B Campervan RVs Are So Expensive?

For the most part, because of their tiny size, Class B RVs can be more expensive than larger RVs and motorhomes. Although they are smaller, they frequently have a bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, and other appliances, just like a larger vehicle. To incorporate these functions into a compact, cleverly constructed package, more time and effort must be spent.

Also, they are mounted on a van frame (usually made by Mercedes, Ford, or Ram), which affects the price significantly as well as the amenities that come standard. In order for everything to fit within the confines of the area available, more ingenuity and costlier components may be required than in a larger rig.

Furthermore, modern conveniences and technologies like solar panels for power generation including backup batteries for AC power while camping off-grid are frequently included with camper vans.

Create a Custom Camper Van

Because camper vans are becoming more and more popular, there are some inventive alternatives to the pricey new bespoke class B RVs that may easily cost over $100,000.

Purchasing a van chassis and building your own camper is a terrific way to save money and yet obtain the right van.

The tools required to make your own camper van are accessible and plentiful, regardless of whether you’re an experienced crafter or a newbie who builds your RV piece by piece on websites like YouTube.

Conclusion: Are Cheap Camper Vans Worth It?

Conclusion: Are Cheap Camper Vans Worth It?

The fact that class B van conversions are quite simple to make is among the best things about them, even though we’ve given you several reasonably priced class B RVs from manufacturers.

While the majority of these RVs were priced in the six-figure bracket, anyone can buy a modified version for much less than half that since numerous of these rigs start as conventional van chassis, and you can buy a bespoke campervan conversion for considerably less than one you’d discover on the manufacturers.

However, buying a cheap camper van is worthwhile as long you’re doing your homework. There isn’t a greater method of travel if you want the ideal balance of freedom without giving up your essential creature amenities.

Just about anywhere you wish to go may be reached with a reasonably priced Class B RV. Compared to Class A or Class C motorhomes, it can travel to many more remote regions and is considerably easier to drive around towns and cities.

You can locate a cheap motorhome that would suit all of your demands at a fair price if you spend some time and shop around.

What's the Cheapest Class B RV
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