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Find the Best Campers that Sleep 8 People!

Find the Best Campers that Sleep 8 People!

Big RV coaches are for individuals who desire the greatest luxury and require more functionality for their family and friends when they wish to travel to a remote location and spend days driving and appreciate nature.

Larger RVs have greater capacity and provide more accommodation for a large family, as well as important features that allow each person to relax or get the most out of their campers.

If you are seeking the Top RV That Sleeps 8 People, we have compiled a list of several of the best alternatives available on the market today.

If you want a large vehicle that meets all of your main demands in one location, these RV coaches have the most space plus features.

Take a look at some of the greatest RV for 8 People possibilities.

  1. Thor ACE 33.1
  2. Winnebago Adventurer 35F
  3. Newmar Bay Star
  4. Coachmen Freedom Express
  5. Fleetwood Bounder
  6. Palomino Puma
  7. Thor Miramar
  8. Newmar Mountain Aire
  9. Dutchmen Aspen Trail
  10. Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J
  11. Grand Design Reflection 28BH
  12. Shadow Cruiser 259BHS
  13. Dutchmen Astoria 3603LFP
  14. Winnebago Vista 31B

Thor ACE 33.1

Thor ACE 33.1

The Thor ACE 33.1 model is perhaps most notable for its large yet very efficient arrangement, which includes a separate bedroom with a king-size bed and a shower.

The huge king-sized bed is ideal for parents, whereas the the remainder of the family can stretch across the bunks, sofas, and comfy recliners.

The RV also has a spacious shower and restroom

The RV also has a spacious shower and restroom, as well as space for two TVs, so the family can enjoy a family night indoors on colder nights.

Winnebago Adventurer 35F

Winnebago Adventurer 35F

Browse no further than the Winnebago Adventurer 35F for the finest in-family accommodation.

Within, you’ll discover a roomy queen bed, incredible storage space, and sometimes even room for a washer/dryer — not often found in RVs!

An extensible sofa, a dinette, and an additional studio loft bed

An extensible sofa, a dinette, and an additional studio loft bed are among the other sleeping options. Of course, your family will enjoy dining outside the RV under the large 16′ electric awning.

Newmar Bay Star

Newmar Bay Star

If you’re looking for an RV for your family of eight that can comfortably sleep, rest, and perform whatever they desire in a huge and large motorhome, the Newmar Bay Star is the primary focus.

With over ten floorplans that sleep up to eight people, Bay Star provides you with the room you’ll need without sacrificing the luxuries available in this coach. While we recommend the Bay Star 3518 and 3419 floorplans, there are a plethora of other versions with up to three slideouts if you require more space from your RV car.

Newmar Bay Star Table

The Bay Star’s elements list will provide you everything you’ve needed, such as curved exterior mirrors that really can rotate out, sidewall body protection, as well as a chimney in the sitting zone for establishing your camp during winter. The interior of this RV will astound you with its rich stylistic layout. Bay Star displays vinyl roof boards, accessory divider craftsmanship, a one-of-a-kind soundbar framework, and several other characteristics to give something to the extra.

Coachmen Freedom Express

Coachmen Freedom Express

Coachmen provides a luxury and attractive RV that is ideal for a large family of 8 to 10 people. This RV, known as the Freedom Express Travel Trailer, is one of the greatest possibilities to consider.

Customers have a wonderful selection of 26 unique floorplans to choose from, with a variety of bed and resting place options as well as specific length and weight ranges covered. If you need something that can seat more than 8 people, this model’s 17 floorplans can easily manage 8 people.

All of it for amusement is accessible in this RV, from the internal speakers to the pocketknife couch. Proper security precautions are also taken into account, as the Freedom Express includes a smoke and carbon dioxide indicator. Finally, if you want to modify this camper later on, you can do it through several upgradeable models available, such as advancing to a 15,000 BTU AC plus frameless windows.

Fleetwood Bounder

Fleetwood Bounder

And here is another RV option for a family of eight. The Fleetwood Bounder is a wonderful option because it has enough of storage space and functional floorplans. Floorplans like the Bounder 35K and Bounder 35P have open-air diversions and can sleep 6 to 8 people. If more room is required, the Bounder 36F features two full showers and is 38 feet long, demonstrating the Bounder’s versatility.

The amenities and equipment in this RV are determined by the floorplan that you select. However, many of them are consistent across all floorplans, for instance, a strong surface cooktop, interior design with a sensitive touch vinyl roof and deck, interior layout choices, slideout belt, configurable frames, and so on.

Fleetwood Bounder Living Room

There are various other options available if you wish to experience maximum comfort and luxury with this trailer. You can look through a variety of inclusive alternatives on the manufacturer’s website for this RV.

Palomino Puma

Palomino Puma

Palomino Puma is a well-known RV motorhome due to the comfort and durability it provides. These RV motorhomes can be carried everywhere without worry because they are highly stable and will make your travel interesting if you have a large family. The Palamino Puma is among the most amazing travel trailers for couples who have a large family and want to buy an appropriate RV with their choice of floorplans. Fortunately, this RV has a lot of them.

The fact that there are 21 floorplans available indicates that you have plenty of options, and the length range of 38 feet makes it possibly the most extensive travel trailer available.

Palomino Puma Kitchen

With its length, this trailer provides plenty of storage and space, and the inside design is quite impressive. It’s a cozy trailer with the finest floorplans in the Puma 28FQDB and Puma 29QBSS models. It contains colored safety glasses, power outlets, and a pass-through storage section, all of which are extremely useful, especially when traveling with a large family. It offers ambient lighting, all of the essential functions, and plenty of resting spots to comfortably fit 8 people in this trailer.

Thor Miramar

Thor Miramar

The Thor Miramar Class A motorhome is a sleek and attractive alternative for your living style. This is a luxurious RV that can comfortably accommodate a family of eight. It meets the requirement for open space as well as some real luxury amenities that bring all of the comforts of home in one spot.

Most folks who have utilized this RV agree that the Miramar is unquestionably their class A option. When we look at the floorplans available on this RV, we recognize that each one has a large number of features that a family may receive. There aren’t many that emphasize open-air recreation and an outside kitchen, such as the Miramar 32.2 and Miramar 34.2.

Thor Miramar

The Miramar includes all of the helpful features of a standard class A motorhome, making it one of the best choices. Because the touch screen controls the radio with Bluetooth and route, warmed outside mirrors with cameras, a stow-away footrest, and 22.5-inch tires on aluminum wheels, the driver can be prepared for a genuinely excellent driving experience.

Newmar Mountain Aire

Newmar Mountain Aire

As according to our recommendations, the Newmar Mountain Air Class A motorhome is the finest camper that sleeps 8. This RV is one of the top-selected coaches, and some recommend it since it is a fairly priced RV that can fit your eight-person family in one location. This large RV has plenty of storage room, allowing each member of your family to have a comfortable resting area as well as some downtime when they are not working.

It includes three slide-outs to keep everyone comfortable. The Mountain Aire 4535 and Mountain Aire 4550 are the ideal floorplans for this RV camper. The Mountain Aire will astound you with its stunning paint finish on a fiberglass rooftop featuring walkable decking and foam protection.

Newmar Mountain Aire

This is a tough RV that is truly astounded. The 44-foot floorplan matches the kitchen’s new maple cabinets, and the design features a roof, tile deck, and hardwood window corners.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail

Dutchmen Aspen Trail

The Dutchmen Aspen Trail travel trailer is consistently ranked among the top travel trailers because it possesses the spark or charisma to draw the user in. It meets the specifications of a lightweight trailer with a weight range of 3,125 pounds to 8,126 pounds. It provides more strength, length, and a decent resting limit at the cost of extra weight.

Aspen Trail 2340BHS and Aspen Trail 31BH are the ideal floorplans for a family of eight. The Aspen Trail is equally impressive in terms of its capabilities. You’ll find the essentials in an RV, such as a microwave and a 13,500 BTU climate control system, as well as a few extras, such as two outdoor speakers, a fully functional rooftop, and a sound system with aux, CD, and DVD compatibility.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail bedroom

Updating the Aspen Trail is simple, as the manufacturer provides alternatives for updating it for additional prices and functionality. It’s not surprising that the Aspen Trail is regarded as one of the most spectacular travel trailers for Dutchmen looking to bring the best RV.

Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J

Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J

The Holiday Rambler Admiral, at 36 feet long and 12 feet high, is one of the biggest class-A rigs available. Sleeping eight people is a snap with so much space, courtesy of the king-sized bed, bunk beds, drop-down bunk, and convertible sofa. As with the Miramar, ten passengers can potentially rest if they don’t care crowding together at night.

Surprisingly, the bunk beds have a sliding barn door for seclusion, but the master bedroom does not. As a result, only those resting in bunks benefit from their own privacy at night.

Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J Kitchen

Aside from that, this rig offers all of the standard amenities found in a class A motorhome, such as an outdoor kitchen, a swivel TV, a full-size kitchenette, and a cab end table for increased convenience when driving.

Grand Design Reflection 28BH

Grand Design Reflection 28BH

Grand Design is approximately as luxurious as it gets when it relates to fifth-wheel trailers. The 8-person Reflection model RV features everything you and your traveling companions might want, along with a shower skylight, a built-in fireplace, and an external kitchen/entertainment center for having fun in the great outdoors.

In terms of sleeping options, this rig has three bunks rather than two, as well as a folding jackknife sofa. In the bunkhouse part, there’s even a little TV to keep sleepers amused while they’re not counting sheep.

Shadow Cruiser 259BHS

Shadow Cruiser 259BHS

A king-sized sliding bed in a vacation trailer? You’ll discover that, as well as a booth dinette, sofa, and bunks, all of which are as comfy as the last. What’s better? If you have a furry companion or two in your large group, you can use the model’s pet palace. All your human and non-human friends will be at ease here.

Dutchmen Astoria 3603LFP

Dutchmen Astoria 3603LFP

This is an excellent choice for a large group because it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a loft. It has king, queen, and loft-style beds. There are also washer and dryer connections, a fully furnished kitchen, and huge wardrobes to keep clothes and other personal goods. There are also twin vanities in the bathrooms.

Regardless of what your unique requirements are, there is an RV that will meet them. Prior to buying, choose which options and characteristics are most important to you. This will assist you to limit down your options before making a purchase.

Winnebago Vista 31B

Winnebago Vista 31B

This is the class A RV that many individuals have been waiting for. When you have additional visitors, there is a studio loft bed above the captain chairs. One of the best aspects of this RV is its size and comfort. The kitchen is completely designed to make preparing food easier, and there is a leather sofa next to the front entrance. The pantry and cabinets provide additional storage space.

The bathroom has two entrances: one from the hallway and one from the bedroom. It also includes a modern angle shower with plenty of room to wash or rinse. The top bunk beds can be folded or left down, and thus the bedroom has a queen bed in addition to a spacious wardrobe closet.

Types Of Sleeping Areas In RVs That Can Sleep 8

It’s useful to grasp the distinctions between accommodations when looking for the best RVs that sleep 8 or more. Here’s a basic rundown of what to expect in these rigs.

Master Bedroom/Queen Bed

The master bed is usually queen-sized, however bigger RVs can include king-sized beds. One thing to think about is whether your rig includes a separate master bedroom that has a queen bed.

This option provides additional seclusion, which is perfect when traveling with children or other passengers. A queen bed is obviously big enough as sleeping space to sleep passengers. Adjustable beds are available in some circumstances, making it even easier to fall asleep.

Bunk Beds

If you want to comfortably sleep at least eight people in an RV’s sleeping space, bunk beds are the finest option. If an RV is labeled as a “bunkhouse” type, it has bunks.

The majority of bunkhouse rigs include two beds, though the size and shape might vary. Some types will have double-sized beds that can sleep two persons (ideally, children). Otherwise, one person per bunk is best. Determine whether the bunk has a protective cover, which might be useful.

Convertible Dinette/U-shaped Dinette

If you want to comfortably accommodate at least eight people in an RV, bunk beds are the finest option. If an RV is labeled as a “bunkhouse” type, it has bunks.

The majority of bunkhouse rigs include two beds, though the size and shape might vary. Some types include double-sized beds that can sleep two persons (ideally, children) so it uses all the space needed. However, one person per bunk is best. Determine whether the bunk has a protective cover, which might be useful.

Convertible Sofa Bed

A two or three-seat sofa is standard in almost all RVs. This sofa may be used as a bed in most RVs that accommodate eight people. The couch can either be used as is, or it can be changed into a pull-out bed.

Manufacturers refer to the latter as a “jackknife” couch bed. When the bed is fully extended, one or two people can sleep peacefully on it.

Loft Bed

Because it frequently sits above the driver’s cab, this bed style is sometimes known as a cabover bed. This portion is usually stationary, although on smaller rigs, you may be able to draw it down to use it. Also, because this bed is frequently queen-sized, it can comfortably sleep two people.

Loft Bed

Types of Motorhomes

  • Class C MotorhomesClass C motorhomes are typically the first RVs that come to mind. This motorhome offers an over-the-cab area with a bunk bed, a bedroom in the back, and (factors such as the size) bunk beds and extra sleeping berths. The disadvantage of a Class C motorhome is that once you’ve set up camp, you’ll usually need a different car to explore the area.
  • Class A MotorhomesClass A motorhomes are opulent bus-style RVs that are the most magnificent method of travel. RVs in this classification can be challenging to maneuver for first-time RVers due to their size as well as weight.
  • Class B MotorhomesCamper vans, classified as Class B, are the tiniest drivable RVs. They normally have quite enough room for a pair and may (or may not) have a bathroom. Camper vans are simple to maneuver and park due to their “van-life” size, but they may not have enough space for a complete family. These are ideal for childless couples, solitary travelers, and seniors wishing to travel in leisure.

Travel Trailers Vs Motorhomes

Towing a travel trailer or operating a motorhome are the two options for first-time RVers.

If you elect to tow, be sure the loaded weight of the RV matches the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. The greater the tow vehicle, the longer and heavier the trailer. Towing weight limits should always be checked in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, and your tow package should be professionally fitted.

If you have no prior towing expertise or if towing causes you uncomfortable, a motorhome may be a better option for you.

Types of towable RVs

  • Travel trailers or bumper pulls

Travel Trailers, also known as “bumper pulls,” are the most common style of RV. They range in size from modest for lone travelers (such as a teardrop or pop-up trailer) to lengthy coaches that can seat large families.

Towable travel travelers make it simple to establish a camp, unhitch your tow car, and take a look around. Travel trailers are especially popular since they do not have an engine, making them more cost effective and little maintenance.

  • Fifth-wheel travel trailers

Fifth wheels are huge towable coaches that include many of the amenities seen in more expensive motorhomes (minus the engine). They are only meant to be pulled by a pickup truck with a “5th wheel” hitch in the bed. These enormous RVs require a heavy-duty truck to transport them and could be too big for first-time RVers.

Fifth-wheel travel trailers


This was a reference on the finest RV for a family of eight, which included a discussion of top options to explore with a large interior and advanced features which might easily assist your family.

All of these RVs have enough room for an 8-person household. If you found this information useful, please leave a remark in the space below.

Find the Best Campers that Sleep 8 People!
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