The 7 Best RV Folding Table To Buy

Camp Time Roll-A-Table

GCI Outdoor Kitchen Portable Folding Station

Would you enjoy spending time outside? Would you frequently go camping or on hiking trips? Will you merely take your family on extended road vacations in the RV? If that’s the case, you’ll need a collapsible camping table.

We all just need to dine at some point. That could have been at the end of a long hike or in a campground near your RV. One may believe that being on the journey means foregoing certain amenities, such as dining tables. But this isn’t the case! We definitely would need that folding table since eating is one of the most important things to do in our daily lives- even on adventures!

Benefits of Using Folding Table

There are many points to consider acquiring a folding camping tabletop for an RV or motorhome. Let’s talk about it so you know more about what a folding camping table top can do for you!

Saves Space

Foldable legs, collapsible tops, and height adjustability are all aspects of folding tables that help you save space. As a result, they’ll fit almost anywhere and can be stored in a small, inconspicuous nook while not in use. As a result, they are spatially efficient.

Makes Eating Convenient

Eating and cooking are always important concerns when camping. What do you use to prepare your meal? What do you eat and where do you eat it? Soon, everyone must go sit on the filthy ground or try to sit on an unpleasant stone. You could dine here at a single strong table like civilized human beings with a folding camping table.

Easy to Use

Foldable camping tables are compact and collapsible, making them easy to stow in an RV or simply transport to your campsite.

List of the 8 Best RV Folding Table

Camp Time Roll-A-Table

Camp Time Roll-A-Table

Because of its height-adjustable, the Camp Time Roll-A-Table is the ideal foldable camping table for use on rough surfaces. Including uneven terrain, will assist you to ensure that the tabletop area is largely level.

Adjustability is confined to the prefabricated junction points because the adaptable legs do not use the tripod-style, lever-lock mechanism. There really are 12 distinct height configurations to choose from with 11 different joint points. The legs may be extended in one-inch increments from 19 to 31 inches, making it simple to modify the feet for use on uneven ground.

It’s worth mentioning that the more you stretch your legs, the less stable you become. As a result, if you’re pushing above 28 inches, the manufacturer says to balance the table against a tree or a barrier. Even when you’re around the 24-inch range, I recommend leveling the table following giving it a try. This isn’t ideal, but it’s understandable given the table’s modest weight and flexibility.

The tabletop is 10 pounds in weight but it does have a load capacity of 100 pounds, which is sufficient for eating. You must not, however, test the max capacity. When you’re going to use the table for grilling, do not even put anything on it that weighs more than 25 pounds. This really is particularly the case if the legs have indeed been stretched; the more extensive the legs are, the less pressure should indeed be applied. Some people did put a variety of goods on top of it to test the 100-pound weight; grills, toasters, etc., and almost crashed. This table’s slats are simple to put together and are composed of laminated wood that is coated in a water-resistant substance, making them quite robust.

Once folded, this table collapses into a single tube, with limbs tucked inside. Its folded measurements are only 32″ x 6,” allowing it to fit into any tight place.


  • Rolls up into a 6″ tube.
  • It is quite transportable.
  • Height can be adjusted.
  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Lightweight


  • If the legs are extended more than a few inches, they must be supported.
  • It’s not the lightest portable table, weighing about 10 pounds.

GCI Outdoor Kitchen Portable Folding Station

GCI Outdoor Kitchen Portable Folding Station

The GCI Outdoor Kitchen Portable Folding Station is a lightweight camping table that could be used for cooking and food prep. It’s quite strong and has a large weight capacity, so it can withstand a great deal of pressure from things like burners and barbecues. It also has a lot of sections and shelves that can all be folded up into a compact 20″ x 3″ x 34″ box that weighs 18 pounds. This folding camping table is larger and heavier than the others on this list, but that’s to be expected given the amount of storage capacity it provides.

Given the number of shelves and chambers, some people might be concerned that this table would be hard to fold and unfurl. But it was greatly surprising to discover how simple using this tabletop is. It just takes around 30 seconds to unroll the entire thing and when you’re comfortable with it. The countertop’s maximum capacity is 48 pounds, and the bottom rack is 35 pounds, so you can put anything at all on top of it as long as you stay inside those limits.

It is among the most durable kitchen camping tables available. The tabletop is composed of sturdy aluminum, as well as the side tables are plastics. Glass holders, garbage bag holders, hooks, and many other insets for culinary utensils are among the additional devices and features included with the side tables. The countertop is also heat-resistant, allowing you to use it as a surface for your burners as well as grills.

The side tables are a touch disappointing to some people especially when it comes to the materials. They’re made of plastic and are lightweight, but they have a number of drawbacks. For starters, they are quite slick, and you must use extreme caution when handling them; a single swipe of the palm could send your stuff flying. Those who could have fixed it by putting a rubber surface on top of it. It could also be advised not to put big items on the side trays because they are fragile. Additionally, if you put anything on one side of the tray, you need also put something from the other side to balance out the table’s load.


  • The many shelves and sections make it ideal for cooking.
  • Shelves for paper towels, glasses, and other items are created with special features and attachments.
  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Heat-resistant and long-lasting.


  • When relative to other folding camping tables, this one is somewhat heavy.
  • Plastic side tables that are delicate and slick.



The HELINOX Table One is a simple, foldable camping table with a nylon top. It is 24″ x 16″ x 16″ when fully completed, but it folds down to 16″ x 4″ x 4″ when folded. It weighs only 1.3 pounds when folded, in addition to its exceptionally small folded dimension. This table is great if you’re planning to hike into your camping area and will be walking great distances. It comes with a mesh top or a hardtop as a countertop alternative.

Aluminum supports and bars are used to stretch the nylon cloth taut. Nylon is an excellent choice for a countertop since it is simple to wash and can tolerate spills as well as rain without staining or rotting. This table, though, cannot be used in front of a campfire since even the tiniest ember would burn completely through the top.

It is a low-lying table, with a height of 14 inches. Nevertheless, because of the low height, the table is durable, and you didn’t have to think about it swinging in the wind. However, it is not recommended to use it for cooking or to set any grills or burners on it. You must acquire the hardtop version if you plan to cut vegetables, meats, and other foods. The mesh variant is only good for eating, keeping things, and so on.

This foldable table includes a little carrying container that allows you to effortlessly fold the table and transport it everywhere you go. It has a 110-pound load capacity, but it wouldn’t be recommendable to put that much weight on it because the legs may buckle. This table isn’t as sturdy as the others on this list, but given how light it is, that’s to be expected.

Inside the grand scheme of things, this tabletop doesn’t even have any big design problems that aren’t a result of its other attributes. The compact size, for example, renders it less sturdy in the wind. Nylon is not really a fire-resistant material by nature. The only genuine criticism I have about this table is that it is overpriced for what it provides. This is a fantastic foldable camping table if you want the best. However, there are less expensive alternatives.


  • It’s quite light.
  • A low-profile design provides stability.
  • Nylon is a water-resistant and easily-cleanable material.
  • Exceptionally small.
  • A compact carrying case is included.


  • It’s a bit pricey.
  • Weight capacity is limited.
  • Under strong gusts, it is prone to blowing away.
  • Can’t be utilized for a variety of things.

Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

This square folding camping table, which is the Coleman Outdoor Compact Table weighs only 9 pounds. It is 27.6″ x 27.6″ x 27.6″ when unfurled, however it can be folded down to 8″ x 8″ x 27.6″ when folded. When compared to other similar tables, it will not have the greatest compact foldable appearance, but it really is light enough just to tote around effortlessly.

This table’s surface is constructed of interconnected aluminum slats. The legs and framework are connected by X bars and can be taken out like a lawn chair. The aluminum slats are often rolled up so that they can be unfolded and attached to the legs with two supporting rods. The entire set is made of robust materials and can be kept in a handy carrying bag.

Although this table is sturdy, it should not be used for cooking and serving. It’s more of a side table that may be used to play cards, hold drinks, and so on. It has a weight capacity of 100 pounds on paper, but in some people’s opinion, after they passed the 40-pound barrier, the table became unsteady. Hold it within that weight range, and the legs should be fine. The table’s legs are positioned wide and point outwards, providing a robust support base.

Its metal surface is simple to wash and rust as well as stain-resistant, so there was no need to be concern about it being subjected to water or sunlight. It is indeed safe to use surrounding campfires because stray embers won’t harm the table. It may, however, heat up significantly, so use caution when handling it if it has been near a fire or exposed to bright sunlight for an extended amount of time.


  • Legs are long-lasting.
  • It is simple to roll up.
  • Rain and water spills are not a problem.


  • Weight capacity is limited.
  • If the table is exposed to direct sunlight or a fire, it will become quite hot.

Coleman Pack-Away Folding Camping Table

Coleman Pack-Away Folding Camping Table

For its improved versatility, the Coleman Pack-Away Folding Camping Table is a 4-in-1 table. The table could be used in a number of things. It may be constructed in a variety of ways, including a square table, an expanded buffet table, a bi-level table, and it can be removed and transformed into two separate tables. The legs are made of sturdy metal and the height is customizable to three different heights.

Every table spans 31.5″ x 15.5″ when fully extended, with height adjustments of 14.5″, 27.5″, and 31.5″. It may, nevertheless, be folded down to 24″ x 3″ x 16″. The entire setup weighs only 12 pounds yet can support 300 pounds, giving it one of the most durable and flexible foldable camping tables in the industry.

It’s perfect for individuals who have various purposes for their tabletop for its extreme customization options. You can utilize one side of the table whilst keeping the other when utilizing it within an RV. When you’re using it while camping, you could use it as a square table to accommodate numerous people or as a lengthy buffet table to spread out a delightful array of delicacies. Due to its great weight capacity, durability, and inherent heat resistance of aluminum, this table is also suitable when cooking and holding burners but also grills.

The Coleman Pack-Away is extremely simple to disassemble and reassemble, taking less than a minute. There are no tools required for assembly, and it can be completed by one person. One may handle it by using the connected handle once it has been folded. Its table legs are carefully hidden away under the lip of a table, out of view.

The lack of consistency in the presence of breeze is the major issue with this table. Even just a contemporarily heavy breeze may cause it to sway and become unsteady unless otherwise loaded down by a variety of accoutrements. That is a result of its modest weight, so one can’t dwell too much on it. Nevertheless, if it starts to get breezy outdoors, you should take it down. It’s also worth noting that the higher you set it, the less sturdy it does become. Nothing to be concerned about whether you’re using that as a low-lying side table.


  • It’s quite adaptable.
  • Exceptional weight capacity.
  • The height can be changed.
  • Aluminum is a heat-resistant and long-lasting metal.
  • It’s simple to set up.


  • During storage, it may be bulky.
  • When the legs are fully extended, they are not particularly stable.
  • When there are heavy gusts, it can become unsteady.

Trekology Portable Hard-Topped Folding Table

Trekology Portable Hard-Topped Folding Table

Trekology’s Portable Hard-Topped Folding Table is a low-profile foldable camping table that stands 16″ tall. This has a surface area of 22″ x 18″ and could be folded down to 22″ x 6″ x 2.5″ when not in use. It has a weight capacity of 50 pounds and weighs only 2.8 pounds. Its maximum capacity may not appear to be very high when compared to other existing goods, but it is correct. I put the weight capacity to the test, and it was not inflated in the least.

Due to the lightweight design and sturdiness, campers, as well as backpackers, choose this folding camping table to HELINOX Table One. The table is indeed simple to clean, water-resistant, and fire-proof. Therefore, if you plan on using a table from around the campfire, this really is the best option for you.

The Trekology has a great neutral bronze/brown shade and is constructed of an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, and therefore it won’t fade with time like some other aluminum tabletop. The table is simple to fold and unfold, and it just makes it very easy. The table folds conveniently into its carry case after folding. This does not, unfortunately, arrive with a shoulder strap, so anyone is obliged to carry it by the handles rather than throwing it across your backhand, which frees up users’ hands for other things.

Because the legs on this table are permanent, and should only be used on level ground but not on rough ground. This table will not resist heavy winds due to its lightweight profile. You must not have any problems if you hold it in place with things.


  • The aluminum top is both elegant and long-lasting.
  • The size is small.
  • Keep a low profile.


  • Wind can’t stand up to it.
  • Weight capacity is limited.
  • It’s just too little to do much more than carry a few drinks.

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

There are three sizes of the ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table: square, standard, and extra-large. They’re all 28″ tall, with folded measurements of 5″ x 7″ and lengths ranging from 31″ to 55″ according to the table you choose. Because the weight varies between 8 and 14 pounds depending on the design, it can be handled by everyone for long periods of time, making it suitable for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

The ALPS is composed of heavy-duty aluminum, making it incredibly sturdy. It is also heat-resistant and lightweight, making it ideal for cooking. The top is made out of a series of foldable aluminum slats, and the legs can also be removed and folded. The top and legs were folded individually and then joined together later.

The fact that the aluminum slats are tied together by a bungee rope is the primary concern. That isn’t very long-lasting, and it may lose its elasticity over time. While the bungee cords will still be in good shape, other customers have reported that theirs caved in within the first year, making the table worthless.

The folded size of the legs is also another concern. The legs and aluminum slats were indeed different lengths once folded, so they can’t be packed into the same carry case. The slats must be stuffed inside the bag and the legs must be carried separately. This can be extremely inconvenient, so the maker should have designed a bag large enough for both, and the legs and slats should be of similar folding length.


  • There are three sizes to choose from.
  • Aluminum is rust-proof, heat-resistant, and simple to clean.


  • Bungee cords used to hold table slats lose their flexibility over time.
  • The legs and slats for the countertop must be packaged separately.

Different Types of Folding Camping Tables

Folding camping tables are available in a variety of styles, based on their primary usage. Although all camping tables could be used for a variety of reasons, some are better suited to specific jobs. Cooking, Dining, and Accessorizing are three main categories to consider.

Cooking Tables

The majority of cooking tables are multipurpose. They must be solid and durable so that you may keep cooking utensils like grills on them. They usually have a lot of compartments/shelves to store a lot of utensils. Under the table top, several of these culinary foldable camping tables have holes for wine glasses and drying racks.

Dining Tables

Dining tables, as the name implies, are designed to be used for eating. Typically, such tables are flat and lack any additional compartments or storage. Camping tables aren’t as big as ordinary dining tables, but these usually have long legs that provide lots of leg room underneath. Those are made to withstand the weight of various meals as well as people’s arms.

Accessory Tables

Accessory Tables are useful for a variety of purposes. One can have used them to serve small refreshments, play board games, and basically keep supplies and goods close at hand. These available in a multitude of forms and sizes, but they aren’t necessarily designed for strength or longevity. They are built of lightweight materials such as plastic and are lighter than conventional camping tables. You shouldn’t use that for ordinary family dining, and you certainly shouldn’t use them for cooking because they aren’t the most sturdy.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Folding Camping Tables

When purchasing folding camping tables, the following are some of the most significant elements to consider.

Easy Setup

Make absolutely sure your table can be set up in a matter of moments. Before you buy the table, make sure to check internet reviews on how easy it is to put up. Attempt to set it up yourself when you’re at the shop.


One will never know when or where you’ll need to use the table. It could be used in windy conditions, on slick gravel grounds, or anywhere else. If you’ll be cooking or dining at the table with your family, make very sure it’s solid and strong without seeming too heavy. Aluminum is a strong yet lightweight element to consider. They may not be the most attractive, but they are highly useful and convenient.

Weight and Dimensions

If you’re searching for a folding camping table, you’re probably looking for portability and room. Make absolutely sure the type you select is light enough for you to carry comfortably. When it comes to the measurements, you should measure it both unfurled and collapsed. When unfurled, it should be spacious enough to accommodate all of your family members, and then when collapsed, it should be compact enough to save space.


The majority of folding camping tables have no storage capacity. The tables only come with 4 limbs and a table top in order to keep them light. If you’re going to use the table for cooking, though, you may also want to look for a camping table with drawers and sections. Nevertheless, you must strike a balance between that requirement and your need for space.


Camping tables that fold up come in a range of designs and sizes. Although it may not appear to be a major factor, the design can be crucial when it comes to saving space.

  1. Round: They’re ideal for large groups of 8 to 10 individuals that need to be seated in a shared setting. They require a larger when completed, but they don’t have as much land area as square tables.
  2. Rectangular: If you need a lot of surface area but don’t have a lot of space, these are good. They’re also great for RVs. They can also be used to eat buffet-style meals.
  3. Square: Square tables are an excellent alternative. They provide area for every inch of space they consume when unfurled and are great for small intimate groups, making them ideal for camping.


The significance of choosing the appropriate material cannot be overstated. The following is various choices when it comes to a folding camping table.


Because they are non-porous, they are simple to clean and maintain. They are exceptionally light and water-resistant, making them suitable for transportation as well as outdoor use. Their rubbery texture also aids in its stability. They are, however, not as sturdy as other materials and can be blown away by a strong wind.


A durable, low-maintenance substance that resists rust and intense heat and rain. This makes them suitable for outdoor use because they are unaffected by rain or sunlight.


The frames of these tables are exceptionally durable and solid. They’re dependable, and they’re normally powder-coated to resist abrasion. Nevertheless, they may be a touch too heavy for convenience in some circumstances. You can store them in RVs, but carrying them while camping may not be a good idea.


Wood tables are perhaps the most attractive tables available. They’re also very durable and stable, and then they can endure a lot of stress. They usually, however, are difficult to maintain, are not waterproof, and are not ideal for outside use, particularly if rain is expected. They’re also usually quite heavy.

ABS Laminate

ABS, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a laminate product that is both eco friendly and durable. That’s as lightweight as plastic but as stable and long-lasting as metal.


Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in selecting the best foldable camping table for you, your friends, and your family. Make doubly sure you choose the best option for your needs based on the considerations listed in our Buyer’s Guide. You will still be the person to decide what to buy and bring on your excursions but don’t forget to consider all the things that we have mentioned so that you can enjoy and make the absolute most of your journeys.

However, have a great time camping and feasting!

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