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If you had ever wished that your RV camper, especially at night, would be clean and even smart due to the addition of some great lighting? LED awning lights, on the other hand, are precisely what you require to get that feel in your camper. These lights will undoubtedly lighten your camp area while also creating a more comfortable environment for you to enjoy while you are there.

Within this post, we will discuss awning lights in general, including what types of awning lights you must buy, what advantages you can expect, and other elements that are related to RV awning lights. In this article, you will find a complete guide for purchasing the RV awning light that will allow you to transform your camper into the vehicle of your dreams. It also provides a list of the best awning lights available on the market today, which has been reviewed.

Benefits of a Good RV Awning Light

Awnings are installed on the side of RVs by the vast majority of RV owners. In addition to serving as a practical attachment for regulating the temperature inside their RV, it also serves as a pleasant location to rest in the shade. An awning is ideal for enjoying a picnic outside or unwinding with a cold drink in the afternoon shade or shaded area.

While it is possible to enjoy the outdoor area in the evening, it is difficult due to a lack of illumination. The use of an awning light can alleviate this problem and allow you to spend more time outside on your next RV trip.

In the evening, you should have enough light to enjoy your dinner outside, play board games, read, as well as spend quality time with friends and family. An awning light is indeed a fun way to personalize the design of your recreational vehicle.

They make a great party accomplice.

Parties are a good place to use them because they are visually appealing and, considering on the colors and styles used, they can help to create an atmosphere for your event.

Brightly colored lighting can help your camping site appear more vibrant and full of vitality. Warm colored lights, on the other hand, are ideal for a romantic dinner under the sky.

They help you to easily find your camping spot.

Typically, when campers wish to explore the woods, they simply leave trails behind, and later on, they can track the paths that lead back to their campsite. However, some of these routes have been blown away by the wind or have been covered over, making it impossible for campers to make their way back to their campsite and causing them to become disoriented.

In contrast, with these bright LED lights, you can quickly discover your camping location following the light provided by the LED lights after your trek. Lights that are white and brilliant are perhaps the most efficient for this use.

They help you save money on power.

Because LED lights are engineered to generate significant amounts of heat energy while using only a small amount of electricity in the process, they allow you to save even more electricity. Of all of these options, the solar-powered fairy lights are the most efficient in terms of energy conservation because they are fueled by solar energy rather than conventional electricity.

They have simple installation.

These lights are really simple to install. All you have to do is hang them from your RV awning or connect them towards the awning without exerting too much effort. Furthermore, since other types of awning lights get the capability of being controlled remotely, you will not be required to install an additional switch in conjunction with the lights.

Last but not the least, they are cost-effective.

Lastly, because these lights are energy savers, they are also cost-effective. They no longer consume nearly as much electricity as they once did, so you won’t have to be concerned about spending lots of money on your electricity bill in the future.

What to Consider When Buying RV Awning Lights

Choosing the best RV camper awning lights may appear to be a straightforward process at first glance. However, a number of things will be taken into consideration while making this decision. I’ll go over many of them in greater detail below to ensure that you make the best decision possible.

Your Intentions Regarding How Much You Will Be Using Them

A consumer must first consider how often they intend to use these lights before making a purchase. That is to say , how much time do you anticipate spending within your trailer while traveling? The response will have a significant impact on which type of awning light, as well as which installation technique, is most appropriate for your specific requirements.

And besides, RV LED awning lights can be put in a variety of various ways depending on the application. You’ll need to be aware of the installation technique that is appropriate for your RV and electrical abilities before you begin. Otherwise, you can end up with a set of lights that aren’t really useful.

Some rig owners, for example, who reside in their RVs, may prefer a more fixed installation option. Taking the time to consider these kinds of minor factors will cover the overall process more streamlined and straightforward.

Power Level

The second factor to evaluate is the amount of power that your awning lights are producing. Some rig owners prefer their lighting to be visible from all over the camp and in some situations, this is possible. These types of lights can be extremely useful in a variety of circumstances.

One of these scenarios would be the case of a rig owner who is constantly traveling off-grid. These individuals may require ultra-high-intensity awning lights because they may be the only source of illumination within their encampment. When you initially arrive and therefore need to set up camp, it proves to be a useful addition.

These powerful lights, however, would not be a good choice for RVers who are merely interested in ambient lighting. LED string lights or perhaps an LED awning light that comes with a dimming control option would be more appropriate for these types of applications than traditional incandescent lights.

Control of the color

Several high-quality RV awning systems provide the ability for rig owners to customize the color and tone of the LED RV awning lights. It is a simple, yet effective method of blending the awning’s atmosphere with your personal preferences and style in furniture.

However, color management is beneficial to more than just equipment owners in this way. Color-control LEDs allow customers to shade their lights red, that allows them to see more clearly at night and improves their night vision. So, roaming about your campground at night wouldn’t be such a frightening experience after all.

You may also quickly modify the color tone & brightness of the images to suit any given situation. For example, you might find yourself in a position where you require the awning lighting to be extremely bright. The color-control option will make this a simple and painless operation to accomplish.

Several LED lights for RV awnings help to create ambient lighting by blinking in different patterns or by varying the brightness of the light. It’s possible that you’ll be able to sync them up with the music. Many truck owners ignore this option, but it can make your life much easier when on the road.

Mounting System

As per what you may assume, when it comes to putting their LED camper awning lights, RV owners have an abundance of possibilities. Some choices may necessitate the use of a weatherproof adhesive, as well as being cut to a specific length and firmly pressed into place in order to be effective.

Another option is to actually fit inside the awning’s roller and operate it remotely, which will make the situation even easier to deal with. You’ll also come across to so many traditional choices, which require that you string lights around the sides of your awning and plug them into an electrical outlet to function.

Finally, some alternatives will require that they be wired or bolted into the side of your RV, where they will be connected to the RV’s principal electrical system and will not require the use of an electrical outlet. It’s evident that with so many possibilities available, you should be able to select an installation that is ideal for your abilities.

However, it is critical to consider whether or not you will be able to run and manage your preferred lighting system. Obtaining assistance with your lighting system while going on the road will be tough, particularly for boondockers as well as off-grid campers who are not connected to the power grid.

As a result, you must have complete confidence in your abilities to operate these awning lights. Make certain that you will be able to install and delete them on your own without assistance. It’s the only way of ensuring that your chosen solution is a beneficial investment in the long run.

Electrical Hookups

Generally, LED lights will consume far less electricity than incandescent lights would require. However, the manner by which they obtain electricity can differ significantly from one choice to the next. You’ll find some solutions that may be connected directly onto rig outlets and many others that must be wired directly into the 12v or 24v power supply system.

Prior to actually making a final purchase, rig owners may want to be certain that they understand what they’re purchasing. After all, wiring attachments is not an easy operation for someone who is unfamiliar with the electrical systems of their home or vehicle, as you might imagine.

What are the types of RV Awning Lights?

Although lights for RV awnings appear to be made from a variety of materials, technologies, and other factors, it is important to note that there are three types of lights available on the market today: solar-powered, LED, and strip.

Solar RV Awning Lights

In normal conditions, solar-powered awning lights should really be ideal choices for RVers who want to reduce their electricity costs as much as possible.

It is not necessary to worry about these lights exhausting your battery bank because they obtain their energy from the sun.

Despite the fact that they appear to be expensive, RV-rated awning lights that run on sunshine actually allow you to save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Full-time RVers who travel widely often choose solar-powered awning lights above other types of lighting as a result of this.

LED Lights

LED awning lights are a good choice for regular RV layouts because they are bright and long-lasting.

As a result, RVers of all stripes could benefit from the use of lights of this nature.

However, it is generally recommended that you have these lights mounted high on the awnings on your vehicle during the installation process.

It is possible that you will be blinded for a few seconds each time you pass through the door otherwise.

Rope Lights

Rope awning lights are simple and functional, lacking in advanced features, but they are nevertheless capable of illuminating the area around the RV.

These lights are very popular among RVers on a tight budget because of their low cost.

As a result, most rope awning lights for RVs are remote-controlled, and as a result, they only require a power source to function.

If you want to add lighting to the awnings of your vehicle but don’t have the time to wire in a switch, you should consider purchasing rope lights instead.

Which RV Awning Light is the best for you?

In the vast outdoors, a little campfire is the most effective source of lighting for any camping situation. Nonetheless, doing so is not always easy or legal, especially if you are staying in an overcrowded RV camping site, as previously stated. Installing the best RV awning lights will prevent your neighbors from reporting you to the park rangers, which will save you time and money.

It is possible to cherish every minute in the park when using such an RV light. A wide variety of LED camper awning lights are available to you. They are also available in a number of different colors and tints. This awning lighting not only provides illumination, but it also serves to establish the tone for your camping.

Do you wish to exude a festive air about yourself? Put up multi-colored lights and have them flash throughout the night. If you want something calming, acquire an LED strip, a customizable one when you can, and put it in such a way that gives off a nice ambient light.

You may also choose from several LED lights for RV awnings that are currently available. However, because your alternatives are somehow too numerous, you could get confused throughout the choice. In such a circumstance, this article will act as your shopping guide.

It will educate you on the concepts of awning lights, as well as give a couple of options on items that you should test. Although these lights are not so expensive, you will always do well to buy ones that make you feel pleased, especially those with a soothing and party mood.

Here are the Top 15 RV Awning Lights

Enbrighten LED String Lights

Enbrighten LED String Lights

This is indeed among the best awning LED lights available, and you can use these 18-foot-long string lights to beautify a variety of different areas. Nine sturdy as well as impact-resistant Edison designed acrylic bulbs are used in the construction of this fixture. As a result, even if you drop these or tread on them, the bulbs will not be damaged too much.

These lights are constructed from high-quality commercial-grade building materials. Furthermore, they are UL approved for long-term outdoor and indoor safety as well. This eliminates the need for you to remove them while opening or closing the awnings of your RV.

These bulb strings are simple to install, and they come with a variety of mounting choices to suit your needs. Whether you want to put the string lights on such a flat surface or perhaps hang them from the ceiling, you may accomplish your goals. Additionally, you can link the strips together to achieve a total length of 750 feet by connecting them all together. It makes it possible to cover larger areas more quickly.

Every LED strip is connected from one end to the other. It facilitates the connection of many sets in order to achieve the appropriate length for any installation project. The sturdy, grounded cord which comes with this package is definitely one of the favorites. It’s simple to connect to any normal outlet with no problems. Furthermore, the length of the lead-in from the plug to its first bulb is 18 inches.

A 6-inch lead-out runs during the last bulb towards the female mating receptacle just at the end of the circuit. Additionally, it assists in maintaining a regular spacing of 24 inches across each light throughout several strands. The lights also help to minimize energy consumption to a significant level. As a result, you won’t have to pay as much in electricity bills later.

LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light

LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light

This is yet another excellent RV external porch light that is designed to seem something like a car light. Because it has a strong beam, it may shine brilliantly on your porch at night, which is something you will appreciate about this product. Despite its diminutive size, it provides excellent light coverage, and putting several of them along your awning rail can provide you with the level of illumination that you require for your home.

Whenever it comes to strength, this one is unquestionably superior. It has a brightness of 280 lumens and can work at a voltage of up to 18 volts. Another part of it that you might appreciate, aside from its power, is the quality of the materials utilized in its construction. All of the materials used are environmentally friendly.

Do you have any concerns as to how far the LED bulbs in this light fixture will last? You shouldn’t be concerned because they have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours, so you shouldn’t be. In reality, the bulb that although it may still depend on how well you maintain it, it may live much longer than expected.

Due to its design, it’s safe to assume that it’s not the best choice for a party setting, but it’s undoubtedly highly functional. To summarize: It’s a very powerful light with a great deal of illuminating power and an extremely long shelf life. Assuming that this is the light source that you’re looking for to mount on your RV awning, then you’ve come to the right item!

Adventuregy LED Camping Lights

Adventuregy LED Camping Lights

If you require something beyond solar RV awning lights for the purpose of superior awning design, Adventuregy is indeed the ideal package for you to consider. Keep an eye out for the freshly improved style of the RV awning light, which has recently been released! It produces 1920 lumens by utilizing high-output, energy-saving light-emitting diodes that are brilliant and efficient.

These solar-powered lights feature waterproof power cables as well as light bars, making them suitable for both interior and exterior use. Furthermore, when you purchase the bundle, you will receive dust-proof connections as a bonus. As a result, the lights can keep foreign particles out of the building.

With such a 12V cigarette lighter device or a USB battery pack, you may quickly and easily generate 12V DC connections. The team will offer you with a 110V alternating current power adaptor that is intended for domestic use. When you have a conventional household plug, these adapters will work perfectly for you. With regard to the product itself, the package itself would be comprised of impact-resistant electrical connectors and housing with a life span of 35,000 hours.

Installing these RV lights for awnings is a simple process that won’t take up much of your valuable time. To use the magnetic mounts, just glue them to the metal surfaces or use Velcro straps to attach the hem towards the magnetic mounts. The lights are simple to switch on then off switches or a wireless remote control, whichever is more convenient for you.

Coleman RV LED String Lights

Coleman RV LED String Lights

Coleman’s RV LED String Lights are a personal favorite of mine since its design is equal parts whimsical and functional. This option consists of ten small, charming LED lanterns that should have no trouble illuminating your awning area, which is in desperate need of illumination.

The fact that this choice has an adorable design isn’t the only thing that really struck consumers eye about it. You’d be pleasantly surprised by its portability, which is superior to that of most other possibilities. This string of lanterns is portable, so you can take it wherever you want.

Customers have found them to be beneficial as residential porch lights, camp lights, and cabin entryway lights, among other applications. It can be assured that anyone who purchases them will be able to put them to use in a variety of ways.

Furthermore, only three AA batteries are required for this light string to operate at its peak performance. This feature just added to the overall convenience of the product. These lights can save you from having to use up a valuable electrical outlet, which would have been necessary if you had gone with another alternative.

The string’s length, which measured 80 inches, was also rather astounding. In addition to covering a large area, it should have little issue keeping most awning areas completely illuminated. Also surprising is their brightness, which far outperforms that of many other RV novelty lights on the market.

Buyers will also not find their pricing to be prohibitively pricey. Because of these outstanding qualities, this alternative happens to be a really cost-effective one. It’s safe to say that most bargain hunters will find it to be more than adequate for their financial circumstances.

Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights

Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights

Additionally, the led RV awning lights are indeed a highly recommended kit in this area due to their excellent performance and high quality materials. One of the things you’d love about the awning lights is that it comes with 10 globes already installed on white wire, which is a nice touch.

By selecting it, you will immediately receive ten lights that will illuminate the surrounding area and the party vibe. Yet another feature that you will enjoy about the lights is that they’ll be fitted securely to the awning track, ensuring that they will remain in position.

The 10 Bronze Globe is extremely simple to install, ranked as one of the choices amongst RV owners looking for a dependable set of awning lights that are perfect for outdoor events and parties, such as camping trips.

One feature that you may find appealing is that the outside globe lights may be used to brighten a camping or party area, as well as your home, while still maintaining or adding to a festive aspect.

Another thing that you will enjoy about the globe lights is that they are specifically designed and manufactured for use at outdoor events and gatherings.

They too are versatile in that you can use them for tailgate parties and RV campgrounds, making them both aesthetic and useful lighting that can be used in a variety of applications. Also suitable for decks, RVs, porches, decks as well as patios are these edging options.

Awning lights are designed and manufactured with coiled cords, which increases their durability even further. It’s also worth noting that the illumination can reach a distance of further than 30 feet, making it simple to put up during outdoor gatherings and celebrations.

Every globe lamp is also created with innovation in mind, allowing them to survive for a longer period of time. They could also be installed directly in the awning track of a camper or trailer. In addition, you will appreciated the fact that they could be used in a variety of settings. The diameters of all of the globes are each six inches in diameter as well.

RecPro 12V RV Blue LED Awning Party Light

RecPro 12V RV Blue LED Awning Party Light

RV owners searching for a dependable LED lighting system for their awning should consider RecPro, which is one of the most dependable brands for LED awning lights. RecPro has always been packed with solid performance characteristics that make itself the perfect choice for RV owners searching for a dependable lighting system for their awning.

One of the features of the party lights that you might appreciate was that they came with a mounting channel, which made the process of installing and mounting the lights much simpler and faster. It will not be difficult to install on your RV because it will just take a few mins of your time.

The Black PCB 16-foot awning light is indeed a good alternative for folks who desire bright lighting, as it has 1500 lumens. It is also reasonably priced.

It is possible to have greater happiness with your LED lighting for the awning by opting for it. Not only is it simple to set up, but this also comes with a mounting channel, that simplifies the process of getting it up and running even simpler and faster in the future.

The set may be operated at 12V DC direct, which is also the standard power supply for mobile homes, campers, recreational vehicles, and motorhomes, among other things. Aside from that, it employs energy-saving technology.

These really are LED lights that do not consume a lot of electricity and have a long life duration, which is important. If you decide to go with the kit, you should look forward with long-term use and the ease of not having to change it as frequently as other options.

When used properly, string lights can help an outdoor party or gathering come to life even more making the surrounding area even more enjoyable for all who attend.

Also included are detailed installation and mounting instructions, making it a simple to get everything up and running. It also appealed to me because it is OEM-rated, which indicates that it is of good quality and performs to industry standards.

The product can also be extended for a shorter period of time than other brands and models. For overall quality and performance, it is the best option available. This product also has an IP68 designation, which indicates that it is waterproof.

Dream Lighting RV LED Porch Multi-Purpose Lights

Dream Lighting RV LED Porch Multi-Purpose Lights

Multi-purpose is the best phrase to define this RV light because it serves so many functions. In accordance with its name, it may be installed in a variety of camping vehicles including trucks, caravans, trailers, and perhaps even boats. It can also be utilized on yachts if the conditions are right. It has a very large coverage area and provided extremely strong illumination. Consider what would happen if you used it for your rv or even your truck.

An additional feature that you’ll undoubtedly find intriguing would be that it prevents bugs from your home. Bugs, such as mosquitoes, are unable to survive in its vicinity because to the high amount of illumination and high temperature. It’s ideal for use outside because it can also serve as a natural insect repellant. It is possible to save some money on bug repellant by keeping this on hand.

When you purchase it, you’ll notice that the design is a little angular in nature. Aside from the fact that the design makes it appear modern & sleek, the structure is also employed to boost the light efficiency of the building by illuminating it from the bottom at a 40-degree angle. This is the first and only RV camper light that you may have come across that has this type of functionality.

As a result of having that much power, you’ll most likely be concerned about it overheating. You can have peace of mind about this because it includes a black colored metal heat housing component that helps to maintain a balanced temperature. In this method, the LED light alone can operate for an extended period of time without burning out. As a result, it has a longer life span than the majority of LED RV camper lights now on the market.



This is indeed among the best awning LED lights available, and you can use these 18-foot-long string lights to beautify a variety of different areas. Nine sturdy as well as impact-resistant Edison designed acrylic bulbs are used in the construction of this fixture. As a result, even if you drop these or tread on them, the bulbs will not be damaged too much.

These lights are constructed from high-quality commercial-grade building materials. Furthermore, they are UL approved for long-term outdoor and indoor safety as well. This eliminates the need for you to remove them while opening or closing the awnings of your RV.

These bulb strings are simple to install, and they come with a variety of mounting choices to suit your needs. Whether you want to put the string lights on such a flat surface or perhaps hang them from the ceiling, you may accomplish your goals. Additionally, you can link the strips together to achieve a total length of 750 feet by connecting them all together. It makes it possible to cover larger areas more quickly.

Every LED strip is connected from one end to the other. It facilitates the connection of many sets in order to achieve the appropriate length for any installation project. The sturdy, grounded cord which comes with this package is definitely one of the favorites. It’s simple to connect to any normal outlet with no problems. Furthermore, the length of the lead-in from the plug to its first bulb is 18 inches.

A 6-inch lead-out runs during the last bulb towards the female mating receptacle just at the end of the circuit. Additionally, it assists in maintaining a regular spacing of 24 inches across each light throughout several strands. The lights also help to minimize energy consumption to a significant level. As a result, you won’t have to pay as much in electricity bills later.

RecPro RV 16′ White LED Awning Party Light

RecPro RV 16′ White LED Awning Party Light

When buying led lights for RV awnings, it is crucial to look for certain characteristics such as performance and reliability. One of these is the RecPro, and it is one of the most famous selections on the market for many people who are seeking for a dependable awning light set.

The RecPro is a 16-foot-long awning light that has been designated as entirely waterproof, meaning it will not be harmed by rain or other external factors as easily as other awning lights.

In addition, it indicates that the product is a dependable one that will provide you with the most value for your money as it will not be easily harmed by repeated exposure to the elements.

When it comes to light kits that contain a polycarbonate mounting channel, the waterproof LED strip lamp is a good choice as well. These light kits are suitable for permanent installation and come with a variety of mounting options.

Speaking about the installation, you will not have a difficult time with it because it is simple to put together. Furthermore, with a permanent installation, you will not be required to remove them on a regular basis.

The awning lights are indeed OEM rated, demonstrating that they are of good quality and high performance when used with an RV awning. It simply indicates that the RV awning lights are of high quality and are suitable for use with a camper or mobile home.

Another feature that makes it a popular choice among RV owners is that it is composed of waterproof material with an IP68 rating, which is superior to other models with an IP65 rating when it comes to water resistance.

What distinguishes it from other waterproofing materials is that it is not only covered in crystal and resin-like material, but it also has an additional silicone sleeve that contributes to a more stable and longer-lasting waterproofing application.

In addition to being bright (at 1500 lumens), the white LED light kit is indeed a good alternative for people who want to outfit their mobile home or camper with a bright lighting kit.

Polymer Black and Etched Bronze String Lights

Polymer Black and Etched Bronze String Lights

When it comes to globe lights, such as the ones that you see at garden parties or at Christmas celebrations, you’ll absolutely adore this one! It has a beautiful design and is extremely long-lasting. It’s also really straightforward in terms of design. If you enjoy throwing relaxing night events that aren’t too boisterous, then this is a set that you should consider purchasing. Along with its overall look and the pleasant lighting that it emits, it has a significant impact on the entire atmosphere.

An additional feature of this set of lights that you will appreciate is the fact that it is weatherproof. It can therefore be left outside even if it begins to rain or snow, without fear of it becoming damaged or being blown away. It’s also waterproof, which means it won’t short circuit if you leave it out in the rain for a while. It’s not only weatherproof, but it’s also shockproof, which is a bonus. Even if you drop it or hit it by accident, it will not be significantly damaged or harmed due to it polymer material.

Because it is a string light, it is also rather simple to set up in most cases. This item is made even better by the fact that it comes with a set of stainless steel hooks for hanging it. As a result, you won’t have to purchase any additional hooks before heading out on your camping excursion. They’re also made of stainless steel, which means you won’t have to worry about them rusting if they get wet.

Camco 53094 Rope Lights

Camco 53094 Rope Lights

Specifically if you are searching for RV novelty lights, this 16-foot blue and white LED rope light by Camco is indeed an excellent choice for bringing life to your RV. In comparison to other LED lights I’ve seen recently, this one has a 6mm diameter, that distinguishes it from the others.

The weatherproof connection on this LED light is also something that you will appreciate. Even though it is pouring outside or the climate is stormy, the connector keeps the lights from flickering back and forth. It is suitable for usage not only indoors but also outdoors thanks to the waterproof connector on the item.

Plenty of the RV awning roller bar channels are large enough to accommodate the lights without any difficulty. If you like, you can even use awning clips to secure them to the wall for more protection.

Because the awning lights remain flexible, they are less difficult to install. Due to the fact that it is a generic fit rope light, you can set it wherever to illuminate the surrounding region. Because it is only 8.8 ounces in weight, it is never an issue to transport them. Furthermore, the package proportions are small enough that it will not take up a lot of space in the storage facility.

The LEDs are positioned 2 inches apart on the board. The lights are also protected from the elements by clear PVC tubing, providing additional flexibility plus weather protection. When you combine the small capped endpoints of the long strands, it becomes much easier to fit them smoothly inside any roller bar channel. A 9.5-foot-long wire with a CUL-rated converter is also included in the package as an extra. As a result, you can extend the awning lights whenever you want to illuminate larger areas.

Areful LED Rope Lights

Areful LED Rope Lights

Areful’s color-changing LED rope lights in a magnificent design. These RV LED awning lights are accessible in 6 various lighting modes as well as eight different vivid colors to accommodate all of your decorating requirements. The set includes a remote controller that allows you to adjust color settings, modes, pace, brightness, and a variety of other parameters. You could even use the remote to switch on and off your lights, which is quite convenient.

The majority of them are RGB LED rope lights, that are available in both fixed and extended lengths. There is still a coaxial connector available, which has a range of up to 65.6 feet. you’d also appreciate how adaptable the product’s features are. It allows users to bend the LED lights in order to store them more conveniently. When it comes to adorning any thing, the flat shape is the best choice.

This LED rope light is indeed an exceptional water-resistant product due to the fact that its connection segments have been meticulously designed and manufactured. As a result, the rope light can now survive splashing water, making them ideal for outdoor use. If you’re going to be utilizing the controller box outside, it’s crucial to keep it protected. Keep in mind to tighten the end caps as well as connectors to prevent water from entering the system.

These lights are also supplied with mounting hardware as well as connectors, allowing them simple to set up and use in any situation. It is equipped with a polarized plug as well as two electrical fuses. As a result, it helps to keep electric shocks at bay. In addition, the rope lights are protected by a strong PVC casing. It guarantees that the lights continue to function properly even in adverse weather conditions and that they do not become damaged quickly.

Valterra A30-0600 Rope Light

Valterra A30-0600 Rope Light

Valterra light track is definitely among the most useful options for light tracks for your rope lights, and it is available in a variety of colors. It is an excellent option if you want to ensure that the rope lights remain firmly in position and do not fall off the ceiling.

If you are one of the RV owners who wishes to remain the awning lights in position, which you will require. With this rope light track, users won’t have to be concerned about your rope lights falling off, which is one of the most common concerns RV owners have when using this type of lighting.

Users have also liked that the light track is simple to set up, and that they only had to set it up once before they could easily hang their lights from it. The fact that it is both durable and long-lasting, as proven by the large numbers of RV owners who have tested and proven it, ensures and you’ll have no problems with its use.

You could also relax knowing that your lights will not be affected by the wind even if it is very windy outside. As a result, you can be confident that your lights will still be operational even if it rains.

This product is also recommended because it is constructed of UV-resistant materials, which ensures that it will withstand changes in weather and temp. You can rest assured that your lights will remain in good condition no matter what the weather conditions outside are.

Another aspect of the light track that users liked was that it could be used to complement the configuration of your RV since it is white in color, seeking to make it suitable with virtually any RV color.

Govee Outdoor String Lights

Govee Outdoor String Lights

The best part about this RV awning light is where you can control it from your smartphone using the Govee application. All you have to do is download the app and pair your smartphone with the lights through Bluetooth. Following that, you will have complete control over such RV camper string lights..

These 12v luminaires have a system which allows the string lights to pulse and change its color depending upon the music that is being played. This is one of the most impressive features of these fixtures. In addition, it is ideal for hosting RV and garden parties because it can provide you with a high-quality dance floor light awning kit.

The lights are indeed simple to put in place. Use awning hooks if you’re planning to hang them in the area covered by the canopy of your home’s awning. Reap the benefits of the built-in hoops that are placed over the bulbs. Alternatively, you can simply drape them above any overhang.

These led awning lights are waterproof, which is an added bonus. It eliminates the need to be concerned about them getting soaked in the rain. All you have to do is unplug them whenever it starts to rain outside. Once the rain has stopped, you will be able to use them once more.

Boogey Lights LED Awning Light

Boogey Lights LED Awning Light

This is such a set of LED RV lights which have been specifically designed for parties. It is multi-colored, very much like a previously discussed product, with the ability to change colors with the use of a remote. This remote control is included in the package, that also makes it extremely simple for users to change the tone or brightness whenever you want to.

There are many different colors that this can modify from. A few of the colors that this can modify to have included orange, purple, pale blue, white, blue, green and red. It is indeed one of the first things you may noticed about this set of lights. It’s extremely bright, regardless of which color you use to illuminate it. This LED light may actually outshines the other multicolor LED light in terms of brightness. It has the appearance of a strobe light at night, which makes it ideal for use at outdoor parties.

For a change from the majority of other brand names, the shades offered by this product are elegant, even when they are bright colors such as red or purple. Considering that they often have a slight bar or diner feel to them, it definitely contributes to the overall atmosphere of the establishment.

This same product is something that is highly recommend to anybody who enjoys having vibrant party lighting system on their RV just in case they wish to go outside for a sip under the stars while they are camping. It has a significant impact on transforming the overall camping atmosphere into one that is more energetic.


Q. How do you hang lights on an RV awning?

A. The underside of your awning bar, which is visible when the awning is opened, will have a slot that runs the entire length of it. Normally, this is where the fold down strap is located. Several RV stores as well as other camping destinations sell small rubber fixtures which fit into to the slot and afterwards slide down to the location where you desire them. They have such hook on the other end, which can be used to hang the lights.

Q. What voltage are RV awning lights?

A. Such strip of 12-volt lights connects to your awning using a black polycarbonate channel that is enclosed in a silicone sleeve, making them waterproof and long-lasting in use. This installation is permanent because the awning lights are wired straight into your system.

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