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Best Class C RV for Your Next Road Trip!

If you’ve always dreamed of being on the move for your next perfect destination, your adventures in the great open road are possible!

What better way to start this exciting journey than by owning your own Class C RV for the road?

Below, I introduce you to the list of the best class C RV in the market today. I’m sure there’s one to fit your budget, needs, and lifestyle.

The 6 Best Class C RV

From luxury choices that can let you experience an elevated entertainment center inside and out to a value-for-budget motorhome that can get you running for your journey ASAP, I am here to guide you in making your decision as smooth of a ride as it can be!

Let’s start the list NOW.

2022 Tiburon® Luxury Sprinter RV: Best Overall

Source: Thormotorcoach.com


  • Ideal for: 4 passengers
  • Length: 25 feet 8 in
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

If you are looking to indulge in a fancy life on the go, the 2022 Tiburon® might be the luxury Class C motorhome for you.

Have we mentioned that it’s also the best class C motorhome for pet owners? With the 2022 Tiburon®, you won’t have to worry about staying out of the loop.

With its Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0, stay connected via the WIFI extender, 4g hotspot, or TV antenna. Its Rapid Camp+® multiplex system makes control over your motorhome easy.

Always keep tabs on power levels, tank levels, light switches, and more, even remotely!

Love cooking on the go? This class C RV features a fully furnished kitchen, including the astonishing double door refrigerator, a flip-up countertop extension, and a stainless steel sink.

Every Tiburon has an extra cab-over bunk bed configuration for those who value space with the price they pay. Now, that’s extra space of fun for our little kids and their make-believes!


  • Three well-designed floor plans
  • Sleek interiors and Euro-style cabinetry.
  • Spacious 80-inch interior height.
  • Eco-friendly 100-watt solar panel


  • Might not fit families of 5 or above

Jayco Greyhawk Prestige: Best Value

Source: Jayco.com


  • Ideal for: 7 passengers
  • Length: 32 feet 7 in
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Most class C RVs are not equipped to house and ride many passengers as easily as Class As would.

When I came across the incredible Jayco Greyhawk Prestige model, I was blown away by its 7 (to even 11) passenger capacity.

These class C RVs come as a treat for large family bonding because they boast additional features that can transform your humble ride into a spacious and delightful area for gathering!

That’s all from its large slide found in the kitchen and living room to the swivel cab seats that allow more leg space for everyone. There are even fold-down sofas for extra seating.

I feel at home with its kitchen features, like the Furrion all-in-one cooktop and oven, and its residential microwave. Find time to relax seated on the legless dinette table.

Experience a Homey Environment from this Class C RV

After a long day, find yourself drawing the darkening roller window and comfortably resting on the queen-size bed (with overhead storage).

You can also find a handy medicine cabinet and stainless-steel sink just within reach.

I love that I can experience my entertainment anywhere in these C RVs!

Its exterior LED TV with (yes, marine-grade exterior speakers) and its Sony® infotainment center are compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.

I can even find an LED TV or Blu-Ray™ in my bedroom and living room!

Other convenient features include a remote keyless entry, power anti-lock brakes with power steering, and chrome remote-controlled side-view mirrors.


  • Picture-perfect 30 x 82 panoramic window
  • Extra exterior space (10-15 feet awning)
  • Customer Value Package upgrade (24″ LED TV, sofa theater seating)
  • Comes with a bunk-over cab for your extra storage for your guests.
  • Durable one-piece seamless front cap
  • Laminated walls, and strong roofing.


  • Driver seat might be uncomfortable for some

Jayco Melbourne Class C Motorhome: Best Budget Pick

Source: Jayco.com


  • Ideal for: couples and small families
  • Length: 25.17 feet
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Are you ready to ride on the lap of luxury without -get this -breaking the bank?

Look no further than on the new Jayco Melbourne Class C Motorhome! Your-bang for-budget road trip travel class C RVs.

Running on a Mercedes-Benz 3500 Chassis and sturdy fiberglass exterior walls, it is a durable home that boasts functional amenities that cater to your everyday needs.

Ride the road on its swivel driver and passenger seats while listening to your choice of entertainment with its Sony Infotainment Center that comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Not your thing? Watch imaginary stories unfold on the LED HDTV with Blueray Player. You can even roll down the sleek pleated blackout roller shades for a heightened movie experience.

Prepare scrumptious meals on Melbourne’s solid surface countertops, and then follow it up with memorable family meals in its U-shaped dinette and stow-away table.

The enjoyment you can have with this Class C motorhome does not only stop indoors.

Enjoy a mini camping moment in your own outdoor space, snack for a picnic, or look at the stars under its electric patio awning powered beautifully with LED lights!

This is a striking deal, packed more with convenient solar power capabilities.


  • Comfortable and cozy master bedroom (two twin beds or a queen-size bed)
  • Compatible glass door shower for your bathroom!
  • Pleasant 83-inch tall living space
  • Built-in LED ceiling lights and soft-touch vinyl ceiling.
  • Hardwood cabinet doors provide exceptional space for all your storage needs.
  • 750 lb. capacity overhead bunk!


  • Leakages may happen
  • Expect slide-out seal problems

Tiffin 2021 Wayfarer

Source: Tiffinmotorhomes.com


  • Ideal for: 5 passengers
  • Length: 25 feet 7 in
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Stop onlookers on their tracks and as you drive these sharp, stylish Tiffin 2021 Wayfarer class C RVs on the road as if it’s the red carpet!

These Class C RVs feature an amazing hydraulic leveling system while all running on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

You are always kept safe with its extra features such as the “attention assist, lane-keeping assist, collision prevention assist, and load adaptive electronic stability.”

It also comes with a 10-inch touch screen, aka the handy tool to tell you how your motorhome is doing.

The driver comes first with the 2021 Wayfarer. Its designs put premium convenience on their needs – from ergonomic seats, central cab locking, tilt-telescoping steering wheel to even a keyless start.

The bedroom is designed for ample storage and enough space to store clothing and gear for any adventure.

You can also customize the interior decorations of these class C motorhomes. Trust me when I say that each variation just spells out A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… on the road!

It is also one of the best class c motorhomes for cooking. These motorhomes come with the following:

  • Convection microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • LP cooktop
  • Countertop extension.

Who says making large celebratory meals are impossible?

Add to this spacious area multiple USB ports and LED reading lights that can get you going from movie nights to bedtime reading all at ease.

One of my most favorite features of this model is the 32 inch LG exterior TV. It builds such a perfect set-up for when you are in the RV park and want to watch Netflix with your fellow travelers!


  • Multiple general floor plans and colorways
  • More comfortable and spacious bathroom set-up.
  • Magnificent one-piece fiberglass shower.
  • Varied speaker zones and an impeccable stereo system,


  • Air-conditioner tends to turn off on its own
  • Cruise control needs to be checked weekly or monthly

Forest River Sunseeker Class C Motorhomes

Source: Forestriverinc.com


  • Ideal for: 6-9 passengers (depending on the floor plan)
  • Length: 27 feet 1 inch
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

We’ve all heard how riding in vehicles may contribute to the greenhouse gases that affect our environment.

But what if I told you there is a green option for your long-distance adventures at various RV parks?

Enter the mighty Forest River Sunseeker! There are many things to love about this wonderful – Certified Green” by TRA Certification– motorhome.

For starters: It is built with the Ford EcoBoost 3.5 L gas engine, along with a strong design assembled with eco-friendly building materials.

These class C RVs actually come in whooping 20-floor plan designs, so you can likely find one that suits your fancy.

Zoom into the amazing interiors of the Sunseeker, find amazing amenities to get you up and ready for the journeys ahead.

I personally love how you can convert the dinette and sofa into an extra bed or how you can convert your living room seats into optional theater seats!


  • Designed for fuel efficiency
  • Optional solar-powered 12V charging system
  • Upgraded memory foam mattress for extra sleeping space
  • Recessed 3-burner range that comes with a flush glass cover
  • Flip-up countertop extension delivers ample cooking space
  • Enough storage for clothing, tools, and gear for travel


  • Automatic levelers are not constructed well

Coachmen Freelander Class C RV

Source: Coachmenrv.com


  • Ideal for: 6-8 (depending on floor plan)
  • Length: 24 feet 3 inches to 32 feet 11 inches
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

They say a journey begins with a single step.

For free-spirited families taking their first dip into long winding road adventures, the Coachmen Freelander might just be your stepping stone to this wonderful journey.

Let’s begin with the bedroom – a wonderful area that can space a queen bed.

If you’re looking for extra room for your kids to snuggle for the night, there is a cab-over bunk and ladder that comes with a child safety net!

There is also a private toilet in the rear bath and a skylight over the shower.

There are also extra safety features perfect for families on the road. These include the LP leak alarm, smoke detector, Carbon Monoxide detector, and the ever-handy fire extinguisher.


  • Sufficient exterior storage space (60-100 cubic feet).
  • Easy-to-use double bowl sink, lighted range hood, and recessed 3-burner cooktop.
  • safe single child tether at the forward-facing dinette.
  • Built-in Exterior Entertainment Center (a 32″ TV and a Bluetooth Soundbar)


  • Window glass tends to open while driving on the road

Who Makes the Highest Quality RV?

There is no definite answer to this question because many brands release impressive models and features each time around.

Some popular RV manufacturers are Thor Motor Coach, Jayco, Coachmen, and Forest River. All these brands strive to improve their selection of motorhomes to cater to a variety of travelers.

The more effective way of finding the best motorhome for you boils down to assessing your lifestyle preferences, priorities, and needs.

Which Class of RV Is Best?

There are generally three kinds of motorhomes: A, B, and C. Each of these motorhomes may vary in size and can provide many functions for different users.

Are you a full-time traveler who goes to different places a lot and quite often, or do you foresee yourself living in a motorhome for a long time? Chances are, the right motorhome for you is Class A.

Class A motorhomes tend to be expensive. We’re talking $50,000 to $500,000 expensive! But that’s really because they have a very spacious interior space (size can range from 21 feet to 45 feet).

Some Class As even have a “basement” for when you need more space to store your things!

They could easily provide comfortable amenities just like any traditional house. They often come equipped with their own laundry machines, master bedroom, a lot of storage space, and so much more.

Because these motorhomes were made for continued long use, Class A motorhomes allow towing capacity for small vehicles. These motorhomes are more difficult to maneuver in narrow and twisting roads, especially for new RVers

We could say that it is perfect for the campers who value drivability (they almost look like family cars)!

These “campervans” are perfect for a day trip to the outdoors.

While they don’t have big spaces like the Class As and Class Cs, they are still quite convenient and comfortable to live in.

Typical features found in these motorhomes are a queen-sized bed, a kitchen, and a combined shower and sink and toilet called the “wet bath.”

However, these motorhomes have a very restricted living space and storage space.

If you are looking for a hybrid that includes the necessary amenities and more space found in Class A with the relatively easy maneuverability of Class Bs, then Class C RVs are the for you.

Source: Coachmenrv.com

These motorhomes are built on a van or truck chassis and are said to be ideal for first-time RVers and travelers looking for value for their budget.

The repairs and fuel don’t cost as much as the Class A counterparts, but they can also take the option of towing family cars for easier commutes around their destinations.

Class C motorhomes can hold more people (can fit a family of 4-6) and have a larger living space than Class B motorhomes.

They are also known for their “over the cab” beds. That’s good news for space-conscious traveling families.

Class C RVs remain to be the most popular choice among the three.

So, Are Class C RVs Worth It?

If form, function, and price are the key things you are looking for in a motorhome, then the Class C RV can be something you can look into.

The Class C RV can provide the perfect balance of features found in both Class As and Class Bs without the heavy strain on your fuel and repair costs. They also have more family-friendly features – from their more spacious amenities and even their ability to tow a car.

What makes for a pretty neat ride, you ask?

Well, good Class C RVs should not only have the BASICS when it comes to amenities that you will need to live comfortably, but they should also match your lifestyle needs as much as they can!

If you are a first-time RVer, a budget traveler, or anyone looking for a versatile motorhome, it’s a BIG YES for you.

A Recap of the Best Class C Motorhomes

Oh, the great outdoors! All the limitless possibilities in the wide-open road.

The experience you will have during travel will surely be filled with great memories, but perhaps having the perfect class C RV to accompany these memories can make it even greater!

Even if I just rounded up my ultimate list when it comes to the best class C motorhomes, of course, I have my favorites.

Jayco Melbourne Class C Motorhome: Best Budget Pick

It’s not only the perfect RV for couples and small families, but it is also built with a durable and classy design suited to last a long and safe drive.

I also love the little pockets of recreational spaces around this amazing class c motorhome, whether via its LED HDTV indoors or its cozy under-the-awnings- outdoors space.

There is indeed an entertainment center for me anywhere around this Class C motorhome.

Jayco Prestige Class C: Best Value

Another runner-up on my list is the Jayco Prestige Class C motorhome. With this sweet ride, I can take my 2 kids plus 8 more of my friends on a long and memorable adventure.

Let’s not forget that these C RVs come with a one-piece seamless front cap, laminated walls, and strong roofing. Those are durable features to carry for the long haul.

There’s so much room for entertainment and storage packed in this wild ride.

2022 Tiburon® Luxury Sprinter RV: Best Overall

I fell instantly in love with the 2022 Tiburon® Luxury Sprinter RV at first sight!

That’s because you deserve all the luxury in your travels with your family, friends, and even with your furry little friends.

The amazing technology of one of the best class C motorhomes is its Rapid Camp+® multiplex system and Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0.

This means you have easy control over the essential operations of your Class C RV.

As an avid cook, I find the ease of this Class C model delightful – from its double-door refrigerator to the stainless steel bowl sinks. It does not, however, have the dinette slide space that I am looking for.


I love Class C RVs because they are functional, versatile, and quite the good-looking ride.

They are also great because they are small enough to fit most parking spaces (that’s great news for avid road trippers) and can also give you enough room to stay and travel with the family comfortably.

But, your choice of the motorhome can boil down to the frequency of your trips, your preferences in amenities such as bunk beds, and maneuverability.

The choice is yours.

Take a chance on life on the highway and drive all night long!

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