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AAA Vs Good Sam: Which is Better?

Traveling and camping in an RV is something that comes with tons of responsibilities. One of the most important is maintenance and repairs during emergencies.

Roadside assistance is just like many other forms of insurance, some of them seem to be something you think you won’t ever need, but if you do, it’ll be well worth the investment you paid for it. There are people who appreciate the importance of roadside assistance, but many people also don’t realize how different your emergency roadside requirements are when traveling in an RV versus a standard automobile.

Throughout the years, AAA (the American Automobile Association) has become a recognized trusted brand, to the point where many people conflate “AAA” and “roadside help.” In actuality, there seems to be a plethora of roadside help providers to select from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

As RV users become stranded on the edge of the highway, they have specific needs, and it will depend on their RV’s condition as well as the type of RV they are using, so make absolutely sure your technical help support is equipped to fulfill them. For this reason, many RVers select Good Sam Roadside Assistance.

If you’re trying to decide between Good Sam and AAA for roadside help, keep reading to understand their strengths and differences.

AAA and Good Sam Roadside Assistance Differences

Before we dive into the specific difference between the two roadside assistance, we have to understand the few main points of their differences in general.

AAA is a federation of many more than 30 separate local and regional groups, whilst Good Sam is a national organization. Good Sam’s operations are geared toward RVers, whereas AAA’s services are geared for vehicles with RV incorporations. The perks and savings offered by AAA cover a wide range of needs, but Good Sam’s benefits and discounts are more RV-specific. Technical assistance and a discount club are included with AAA subscriptions, however, Good Sam maintains distinct membership fees for roadside assistance and RV-related benefits.

A National Organization and a Federation of Regional Clubs

Let’s talk about the different national organizations and federations of regional clubs.

Since Good Sam is indeed a national organization, they have uniform policies and procedures regardless of where you’re from or where you may travel inside the state. The membership of AAA is divided into regional clubs that are unified under the umbrella of the national organization. Once you take part in AAA, you automatically get to be a participant in your local club.

All can differ greatly among clubs, including membership cost rates to included amenities. When you contact for assistance from outside your home zone, it’s easy to get confused as to which roadside operations are covered in your subscription. It’s possible that you wouldn’t have the service you believe you have.

The regional structure, on the other hand, offers a localized, small-organization sense that several individuals prefer for all those who often go outside of their particular region. Regional AAA offices are frequently available in which you can speak with somebody in reality if necessary.

Benefits and Discounts included

Both Good Sam and AAA are recognized for providing a wide range of advantages and discounts to their customers. The two of them do not fail when it comes to giving their loyal members a great deal when it comes to different amenities. it will just be up to you which will benefit you the most. But you’re also not limited to one choice at the end of the day. You can benefit from the two types of services!

AAA users can save money at a number of establishments, such as movie theaters, restaurants, motels, car rental companies, and tourist sites. AAA can also assist you in finding a travel agent.

Good Sam offers extra RV-specific savings, such as discounts on campsite fees, fuel, and Camping World or Gander Outdoors stores. Good Sam members can use disposal stations for free at some Camping World locations. While Good Sam does not provide travel agent services, it does provide an online route planning tool.

When it comes to choosing which one is a better choice will largely be determined by your individual preferences and travel practices. RV enthusiasts often like to travel in their RVs, so accommodation and rental car savings aren’t really useful.

The 10% Good Sam discount at selected campgrounds, as well as the 5 cents per gallon savings at some gas station networks, add up quickly. Good Sam is by far the superior option for us, however, many people would prefer AAA because of the larger range of offers provided.

Again, if you can be benefited from the two services then these discounts will be useful to you regardless of what you do for your travels and trip. This may be applied to those who travel in both RV and sometimes just travel by plain car for a normal trip.

Price and Costs

Good Sam charges $65 for regular service, $80 for platinum service, and $120 for platinum full service. The pricing given is for your first year of subscription at a discounted rate. Regular annual prices are $130, $160, and $240, which you will spend when you renew.

There are different levels of AAA membership: Plus and Premier. The price would’ve been $143 for a Plus RV and $210 for a Premier RV.

One first has to get automotive coverage from AAA before adding on your RV subscription — the aforementioned payment covers both. AAA membership rates vary by state; the price is based on a Florida membership.

As for the new members, Good Sam has some great deals. The costs will increase after the first year, but they will remain competitive with AAA. AAA’s rates are extremely consistent. There have been members for a long time and say that the prices don’t change much.

Another of the few things that other people loved about Good Sam has been that their charges were easily accessible on their website. Anyone can obtain automotive club prices with AAA, but you’ll need to contact or log in to get the prices for AAA Plus RV or Premier RV.

Focus vs Add-On

Like we have mentioned earlier, American Automobile Association is mainly concerned with automobiles. Although some membership levels enable you to add other types of vehicles, such as RVs, the programs and services really aren’t specifically tailored for RVers.

Good Sam, on the other hand, caters to RVers. They designed both its roadside assistance service and its member discounts program to cater to the RV community’s requirements and desires. They recognize that driving in an RV might provide some unique roadside assistance challenges, and they are equipped to handle them.

The plans that the two services offer both provide coverage for your RV and also your cars and trailers.

When your RV is motorized, you’ll want the next amount of insurance. Good Sam Standard ($65) only covers non-powered RVs. AAA Plus RV only includes RVs up to 32 feet long, so if yours is longer, you’ll require Premier RV.

For $35, AAA offers the option of adding your motorcycle to your membership. It comes as part of Good Sam’s package.

Vehicles that have been leased, rented, or loaned, as well as several RVs, will be covered by Good Sam. They also cover your dependant children and spouse. You will need to get supplementary coverage for other people of your home if you utilize AAA.

Good Sam provides the best bargain in this area because they include more types of cars and more individuals in your home.

Towing Services

There can be some situations that you will need a service for towing your vehicle. A lot of people get stuck on the side of the road because of mechanical issues and vehicle breakdown but they won’t be able to move it anywhere else. The good thing is the two roadside assistance services offer this kind of help for you.

With the Plus RV coverage (400 total miles), AAA provides four 100-mile tows, while the Premier RV insurance provides one 200-mile tow and three 100-mile tows (500 total miles).

Transportation to the closest service department is provided by Good Sam for an unrestricted range (US & Canada). It does provide towing and emergency assistance in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands for up to $1500.

The key distinction with this is that you get to choose where you’ll be towed with AAA. It isn’t necessary for that to be the nearest repair facility.

One could take it there or return it to your home if you really are inside reach of your favorite store. That could be a significant benefit because it makes things easier for everyone.

AAA has a strong benefit in this area as a result of all this. It’s only if you’re more than 100 miles from a service facility or if you wear down more than four times a year, in which case Good Sam’s unrestricted hauling is a superior advantage.

Many consumers concentrate on the “unlimited” aspect of Good Sam’s coverage but don’t forget the fact that the closest service department may not necessarily and will always be the best option. It will depend on your vehicle’s condition and the quality of services you will meet once you arrive at that nearest service center.

Basic RV Coverage Services

These organizations provide the same basic services that include battery servicing, gasoline delivery, flat tire service, and locksmiths – which comes with minor coverage changes.

As an illustration, AAA has a $100-$150 locksmith cost cap, whereas Good Sam has no such restriction. These two firms also provide home locksmith services in the event that you lock yourselves from your property.

The key difference we can take note of is that Good Sam if they really are accessible for roadside assistance, has specialized RV mobile mechanics, whereas AAA is a more broad service.

Rather than a car technician, this would be good to have an RV technician assist us.

Other Coverage Services:

  • With roughly two automobiles and two drivers, AAA provides extrication and winching assistance. If you have been stranded on the highway following an accident or inclement weather, you will almost certainly need to be towed for customer experience. When your RV slides into a ditch, this insurance might be a lifesaver because it helps customers a lot and avoids having further troubles.
  • Travel disruption is a service provided by Good Sam. Should your vehicle be inoperable due to a collision with some other vehicle over 100 miles from home, you will be reimbursed for the expense of meals, accommodation, and car rental. If you really need it, that’s a good perk to have.
  • A comparable roadside assistance program is available by AAA, although it is referred to as car travel interruption insurance. It will compensate you for unexpected costs if you are going by automobile and are 100 miles or more away home and also have a malfunction or mishap while en route, or if your automobile is hijacked while en route (meals, lodging, rentals). The amount of time you can use your membership varies depending on your membership plan. This appears to apply solely to your car and not your RV, making it less useful for RVers.
  • Each subscription year, AAA allows four roadside assistance service calls. The number of roadside calls made by Good Sam is unlimited. That’s a significant advantage for Good Sam.

Regardless of the nature of your problem, either organization or the other may emerge victoriously. If you are stuck in a rut then you won’t have anything to worry about because AAA can always be your ally. Have you been in an accident with your Motorhome while you’re away from home? Good Sam will look after you and that is for sure

Good Sam is very commendable in this area because they have RV expertise and don’t limit the number of roadside assistance requests per year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Good Sam worth the money?

It will always depend on personal preference whether something is worth your investment especially with different needs and demands, but many RVers are satisfied Good Sam clients. From many people’s experience with Good Sam, they go over and beyond to assist everyone during a time of need. It’s difficult to put a price on peace of mind, but based on the amount of devoted Good Sam consumers, numerous individuals believe it’s good enough to justify it.

Which is better- AAA or Good Sam?

AAA is indeed not superior to Good Sam whenever it relates to meeting the demands of RVers. Whenever taking decisions, it’s crucial to consider the factors that are crucial to you, but AAA’s RV insurance does have some substantial limits that several people are unaware of until they discover themself stuck on the roadside.

Does AAA cover for RVs?

It depends entirely on your membership program, AAA when providing some insurance for RVs. RVs are not covered by AAA Classic registration. RV coverage is minimal in Plus and Premier memberships, however, it differs by the local club. RV coverage is available as an add-on to the Plus or Premier membership in specific areas. For further information, contact your local club, but keep in mind that AAA is not designed specifically for RVers.

What are some good roadside assistance?

There are different companies that will focus on RVers and their requirements, rather than just an extra add-on, therefore they provide the finest emergency help for RVs. Organizations like Good Sam and Coach-Net have decades of work expertise and understanding of serving RVers, with their many delighted clients can testify to the importance of this distinction when times are rough. Such organizations are reliable to many people because a lot of members and clients give great feedback and testaments on their services. Besides, these companies can really provide you with great quality of help and services whenever you need them.

Conclusion: Good Sam for RVers is the better choice

It will indeed be a good question whether Good Sam is better than AAA in terms of services for RVs and RV users. The quick answer is yes but to further rationalize that, let’s dive deeper into why we think Good Sam is a better pick.

Upon evaluating all of the factors, we can conclude that selecting Good Sam versus AAA was the best option for us as RVers. People already were participants of the Good Sam discount club, so that wasn’t a big deal, although they did notice that AAA had a limited number of discounts that they were probably gonna be using.

During a roadside assistance circumstance, obtaining the help you need is more than a matter of practicality; it’s also a matter of public safety. We always think we don’t ever need our breakdown cover, but the majority of us will want assistance at some point.

When you’re stopped just on side of the road, the last thing you want to find is that you don’t really have access to the benefits you believed you had. The thought of AAA left some people feeling apprehensive, despite the fact that roadside assistance programs are intended to provide you peace of mind. Upon evaluating all of the factors, we decided that selecting Good Sam versus AAA was the best option for us as RVers.

Even if only the tow vehicle is damaged, Good Sam will cover your mobile home. They also will make other arrangements to move your RV securely to a campsite if your tow car needs to be taken. Some RVers have reported that AAA will arrange tow car assistance but keep the motorhome abandoned just on side of the road. It’s difficult and expensive to have a mobile home or fifth wheel hauled from the side of the road.

The trustworthiness of Good Sam’s worldwide participation gives us peace of mind when we travel throughout the nation, understanding that the insurance purchased by the RV community will operate in just about any area with no local uncertainty.

If you call roadside assistance, receiving help as soon as possible will always be your top concern, and no one will ever want to still think about whether their issues are actually covered.

The limitations imposed by AAA on the number of calls each year as well as the expense of RV-related mishaps are a huge handicap to RVers.

Towing a large RV can rapidly mount up to considerably more than $500, particularly if a skilled RV mechanic is much more than just a few miles distant. A particular service call can potentially cost far more than one year’s worth of roadside assistance savings.

Furthermore, even though the initial incentives expired, Good Sam saved a lot of money on costs. You will be able to register for Good Sam’s minimum amount of coverage without even compromising any one of the products you require as you have a camper van or travel trailer. And although AAA appeared to be marginally cheaper at first glance, the additional expenditures of adding affiliates to the membership quickly negated any advantages.

Once all aspects were considered, Good Sam was a good fit for your RV requirements in every regard. Whether you drive comprehensively in your Motorhome or only use it for vacations and holidays, we think this is representative of the majority of RVers. Whenever you make a decision, read AAA’s terms and conditions on RVs in your area and be informed of the restrictions. At the end of the day, it will still be up to you which one you will choose in your time of need. It’s just always advised to make sure you always take note of every factor that can affect your RV and your needs.

You can always check our listed comparisons for AAA and Good Sam. Consider the perks and the benefits given by both of the roadside services to make use of the investment you put in the moment you pay for membership programs.

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