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Things you need to know about a 4×4 campervan!

You want to experience off-road and overland travel in the luxury of a campervan that has been outfitted, is that right? We comprehend. You can experience off-roading and boondocking excursions to reach unmatched nature landscapes without the hassles and inconveniences of campgrounds.

We’ve created a list of the top 44 camper vans available for purchase because of this. You may order one of these 44 camper van conversions from a custom van conversion company or purchase one off the showroom floor. But you had better move quickly as numerous of these vans are running out right in front of our eyes as RV sales are surging.

What Exactly Are 4WD Camper Vans?

A 4WD camper is a camper that travels across uneven terrain by using all four wheels. The higher clearance provided by 4WD campers will assist you keep your vehicle’s undercarriage from being harmed.

What Advantages Do 4WD Campers Offer?

Having a 4WD camper allows you to take advantage of a lot of new chances. While most RV parks are accessible to all campers, not all of them can reach some of the amazing isolated boondocking places. With a 4WD camper, you can go to those difficult-to-reach places without seriously compromising your setup.

Even while hitting the pavement to get to your next location, having a 4WD camper can be helpful. In the rain and snow, 4WD campers have higher traction, providing you with more control.

Do 4×4 Campers Have Any Drawbacks?

The use of a 4WD camper is not without drawbacks. These campers typically obtain lower miles per gallon due to their design, which increases their fuel consumption. You will also pay slightly more for upkeep than with a more conventional camper. If you want a more refined appearance, you could be dissatisfied with the aesthetics of a 4WD camper.

What 4WD Camper Is the Best?

Your work isn’t over if you’ve chosen a 4WD camper is what you want for your trips. It’s not simple to pick which camper to go with. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a handful of our favorites.

Storyteller Overland “Beast Mode”

Storyteller Overland “Beast Mode”

  • Price: $198,000
  • Van: Sprinter 4×4 144″ Chassis


  • 21-gallon freshwater tank
  • murphy-style bed
  • air conditioner
  • diesel heater
  • solar system
  • cassette toilet

The “Beast Mode” 44 camper van for sale by Storyteller Overland has won our hearts. With its KC Highlights Extreme Lighting Package, Boost MODE M-Power Extender System, and Agile Ride Improvement Kit, this tough Mercedes Sprinter 44 van is prepared to go anywhere. You will have the lights, electricity, and suspension equipment to go on rugged, uneven dirt roads thanks to all of those fancy phrases.

The Storyteller Overland 44 camper van’s air conditioner plus diesel heating system are two things that make it unique. If you live in a hot region, the solar power plus battery bank can provide enough energy to keep the air conditioner running throughout the night. In a flexible bed that can be transformed into a desk as needed, you can sleep sideways. You can keep your gear underneath the campervan bed, which is also where your 21-gallon freshwater tank is located.

This van build also includes a fridge, an induction stove, and a sink. You can slumber a second person in the van thanks to a GrooveLounge convertible sofa bed, however, we would rather it be a comfortable couch for daytime lounging. There are also Classic and Stealth vans for a bit less money if you are unwilling to spend a lot of money on the Beast.

Winnebago Revel 4×4 Camper Van

Winnebago Revel 4×4 Camper Van

  • Price: $202,000
  • Van: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144″ Chassis


  • 21-gallon fresh water tank
  • hot water heater
  • two 125-amp hour LiFePO batteries
  • heater with optional choice for AC unit
  • cassette toilet

The vans made by Storytelling Overland and the Winnebago Revel are fierce rivals. The Winnebago is a Class B RV with a covered bathroom and shower, which is the biggest distinction between the two.

The obvious choice for someone looking for a campervan with a bathroom is this vehicle. It does, however, occupy a significant amount of space in the Sprinter van, making it less spacious and open.

The motorized lift bed is yet another distinctive feature of the Winnebago Sprinter camper van. To create more space during the day and to make it simpler to reach your van’s “garage,” you can fully raise the bed all the way to the ceiling.

The Winnebago Revel includes a full kitchen with a sink, induction stove, and refrigerator, just like the Storyteller. Behind the driver’s seat, you’ll find a bench seat with seatbelts and a swiveling desk for work or eating. In order to create a hangout area within the van, both front chairs may be turned.

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 Camper Van

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 Camper Van

  • Price: Depends on build
  • Van: Ford Cutaway


  • 10,000 lbs towing capacity
  • Partial Military Wrap Leaf Shackle System
  • integrated collapsible “penthouse”
  • sofa-bed and kitchenette

Certainly a serious Ford 44 van, from appearances! The Ford Cutaway body is used by the Sportsmobile Classic and is molded using a fiberglass shell that is steel-reinforced throughout. It transports you to a mountain lake or sand dunes just by gazing at it.

While in the “down” position, the incorporated pop-top is flush with the van, providing you with a sleek appearance and a low center of gravity for navigating bumpy roads. You’ll have a ton of living area, breathtaking vistas, and airflflow when the pop-top is up.

With the Sportsmobile Classic camper van, pick from a number of floor designs or design your own from scratch. There is a complete kitchen unit, a sofa bed that can be converted into a bed, a bed in the pop-top, front swivel seats, and a lot of storage.

Sportsmobile has been converting vans for 50 years and is a reputable firm that does a great job. Choosing a Sportsmobile 44 camper van is a sure bet.

With available suspension changes, front and rear performance variability, a full float rear axle, etc., you can truly make this 44 vans off-road optional prepared.

Jayco Terrain (with roof-mounted solar panels)

Jayco Terrain (with roof-mounted solar panels)

  • Price: $200,000
  • Van: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144″ Chassis


  • 200 watts of solar panels
  • lithium batteries
  • power lift bed
  • AC unit
  • wet back with cassette toilet

The newest off-road campervan on the market, the Jayco Terrain, is constructed on a Mercedes Sprinter 44 144WB chassis. It has the JRide® ride as well as handling package, which is designed to make off-roading a little simpler. The Jayco Class B RV features front swivel chairs, a full kitchen with a pantry, a wet bath, as well as a power-lift bed similar to that found in the Winnebago Revel.

With lithium batteries, a 3500-watt inverter, 200 watts of roof-mounted solar panels, a heating grey water tank, and also an interior-mounted fresh water tank, this van is equipped for off-road travel. When necessary, you can pump up and down your tires thanks to an inbuilt air compressor. Adding a stylish Class B RV to our fleet of off-road vans!

Outside Van’s Custom 4×4 Camper Van

Outside Van’s Custom 4×4 Camper Van

  • Price: $50,000-$175,000, not including the van
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4


  • Custom-built to provide your specific needs
  • racks and mounts
  • rooftop tent options
  • insulation and sound damping

This Sprinter 44 camper is the genuine deal if you’re seeking for a cross between a traditional nomadic van with your preferred luxuries and a camper van with four wheels. Although it has the majority of the conveniences found in an RV, it is nonetheless tough and portable. Outside Van is a Sprinter van conversion firm that constructs each van from scratch, allowing you to select your preferred features, such as a 3-panel bed and bunk beds in addition to a fully equipped galley with a sink and overhead storage.

With the additional benefit of four-wheel drive, you could configure this van just like the ones you have seen on YouTube (#VanLife). Its designers will help you choose the floorplan and options; you could either offer them your existing Mercedes Sprinter van or purchase one from them. You may create the motorhome of your dreams by purchasing one of the unique customized Outside Van 44 camper vans for sale.

Tourig 4×4 camper van custom build (with roof rack)

Tourig 4×4 camper van custom build (with roof rack)

  • Price: $30,000-$90,000, not including the van
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4


  • Full kitchen
  • heat and hot water
  • water tan
  • solar system
  • custom suspension and bumper options

Custom 44 camper vans are made by TouRig, a company situated in Golden, Colorado, for your expedition. External improvements like bumpers, roof racks, and custom suspension can be added by TouRig.

To enable long-term overlanding, the inside is fully equipped, with heat and hot water, a full kitchen, a shower, a cassette toilet, solar power, a lithium battery system, large water tanks, and much more. For your bespoke campervan build, select from a range of interior finishes, opulent seating options, and textiles.

The heights of bed layouts vary to handle gear. Moreover, mattresses can be made to order. Indeed, this is a luxurious 4×4 camper van for sale! With Tourig, a complete conversion takes 6–12 weeks.

Sportsmobile Ford Transit 4×4 Quigley Camper Van Conversion

Sportsmobile Ford Transit 4×4 Quigley Camper Van Conversion

  • Price: $35,000-$44,000 for the standard build, plus $13,500 for Quigley 4×4 upgrade
  • Van: Ford Transit


  • Custom options such as a full kitchen
  • pop top with bed
  • storage
  • bathroom, etc.

Via Sportsmobile, you may get a Ford Transit camper van with the 44 Quigley modification. Your build will increase by $13,500 with the Quigley 44 conversion. These off-road camping vans have Sportsmobile’s excellent build quality but are less expensive than a Mercedes Sprinter.

Ford Transit vans that are used for both goods and passengers can be converted to 4x4s by Quigley. The van is raised by the system by 2′′, making it ideal for overlanding excursions. The Ford Transits are also customized vehicles, just as the Sportsmobile Sprinters we previously discussed. Your vehicle can be enhanced with a variety of layouts and accessories.

Flooring, insulation, a complete kitchen, electricity, and a propane system are all included as standard equipment. The 2020 Ford Transits have an AWD option, that’s more economical, if you don’t definitely require a 4×4.

Oasis Campervan Toyota Sienna AWD Van Conversion

Oasis Campervan Toyota Sienna AWD Van Conversion

  • Price: $9,800, not including the cost of the van
  • Van: Toyota Sienna AWD


  • Full-size double bed
  • working kitchen
  • running water

The Toyota Sienna minivan camper is a wonderful AWD option if you’re searching for an affordable substitute for pricey 4×4 Sprinter van campers. Minivans can be converted by Oasis Campervans into compact campers that can travel on dirt roads in search of boondocking locations. You can drive safely on sand and snow with this AWD vehicle.

These AWD camper van conversions include a 4 x 6-foot bed, built-in chair, dining table, and seclusion drapes in addition to a full kitchen with access to water. Select from a variety of options with this van builds, like window screens, interior hardwood work tables, and AC adaptor plugs.

You’ll also need to purchase your own batteries, solar panels, and inverters if you plan to use this campervan off the grid for an extended amount of time. They are not included in the build. The only AWD minivan campervan on the market right now is the Toyota Sienna. This motorhome is perfect for couples who wouldn’t care to share a limited area or a solitary traveler.

Winnebago Boldt Sprinter Camper Van with Optional 4×4 chassis

Winnebago Boldt Sprinter Camper Van with Optional 4×4 chassis

  • Price: $238,947
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter (Optional 4×4 chassis)


  • 4-season insulation
  • twin beds
  • flex bed kit
  • wardrobe
  • wet bathroom
  • kitchen and sofa

How opulent a 44 camper van for sale can it be? comparable to a Winnebago Boldt in luxury. The Boltd by Winnebago is a high-end alternative for a larger 44 camper van. It was designed in honor of German explorer and scientist Alexander Von Humboldt. This off-grid monster is equipped with the Pure3 Advanced Energy System, which has a maximum output of 11,600 watt-hours. This implies that you can travel for whenever long you like on the Boltd. The campervan’s large bed, closet, wet shower, full kitchen, and sofa allow you to pitch up camp in the woods without sacrificing contemporary conveniences.

The camper has a lot of living area, but it also has a specific trunk storage area for your belongings. The biggest drawback of this 44 van is that it is very low, so you probably won’t want to drive on really rough or deeply rutted roads. Keep this one in soft sand, dirt, or snow if possible. Remember that only a limited number of the 44 chassis are produced, so you might have to wait for your desired model.

VanDoIt Ford Transit Campervan – AWD and Quigley 4×4

VanDoIt Ford Transit Campervan – AWD and Quigley 4×4

  • Price: $48,000-$108,000 for standard build on AWD chassis, plus $13,500 for Quigley 4×4 upgrade
  • Van: Ford Transit


  • Custom options such as full kitchen
  • pop top with bed
  • storage
  • bathroom and more

Both 2020 AWD variants and Quigley 44 conversions are among the Ford Transit camper vans that VanDoIt excels in converting. This business provides a modular van build solution that features a cutting-edge T-track skeleton for maximum versatility.

You will receive a shower, a portable toilet, a transportable kitchen pod, a flexible murphy bed, and off-grid solar electricity. The DO Package and the LIV Package are the two options available to you.

The DO model can change into anything you need it to be, including camping beds and a mobile office during the day. The DO has an open concept with eight beds. The LIV model comes with a queen bed that can be raised hydraulically and a garage where you can keep all of your outdoor gear. The LIV has 11 seats and six beds. Since a greater number of elements in this form are fixed rather than movable, it is simpler to utilize.

Because of the dealership warranty, accessibility, reasonable maintenance and repair prices, and quality, VanDoIt decided to concentrate on Ford Transit campervans.

Sundance Kid 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter by Off Highway Van

Sundance Kid 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter by Off Highway Van

  • Price: $64,500 for standard package, not including van
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 chassis

For individuals, couples, and families wishing to travel off-road in 44 camper vans, Off-Highway Van creates intriguing arrangements. This van features a house electrical system, a full kitchen, a modular bed and bench system, a ventilation fan, and a swivel seat on the driver’s side. You’ll also get 200 watts of roof-mounted solar panels with the option to get 200 more.

You can get additional upgrades depending on your taste or your needs including reading lights, flip-up counter extensions, microwaves, roof vents, ladders, etc. If you are interested in taking that route, these 4×4 Sprinter motorhomes for sale provide a ton of customizing possibilities. If you just want something simple, get a standard construction.

Apart from the Sundance Kid, OffHighway Van offers a bunch of many other layouts and design features, with one Sprinter that can accommodate a family of five! This is so much ideal and great for van lifers that travel or live with kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 4×4 RV?

Yes! You’re in luck if you enjoy off-roading and RVing. Tough RVs made by specific RV manufacturers are ideal for outdoor travel.

While many RVers love driving from park to park in their vehicles, some prefer a more primitive camping setting. People who want to travel through undiscovered territory must be ready for any kind of road situation. If leading a tough RV lifestyle is important to you, you’ll need to find an RV that can handle it as the majority of RVs are not built to travel off the beaten path. Let’s examine the off-road capabilities of a 4WD camper in a bit.

Can RVs Truly Go Off-Road?

Several RVs can off-road, albeit not all of them can. But you won’t really like to drive any RV off-road. If a camper can’t handle washboard roads and rocky terrain, taking it on rough roads could cause catastrophic harm.

Can you take adventure gear in a 4×4 camper?

You can definitely bring more than just your regular things with you in a camper van! The 4×4 camper vans are generally created for active people, who like to get out in the countryside and go mountain biking, surfing, or rock climbing, instead of establishing a comfy camp to read a book.

You can bring your favorite equipment with you if you opt for an off-road van. The majority of 44 camper vans are built with modularity and efficiency in mind. Some of them can even transport a motorcycle!


If you want to get out into the wilderness and explore more, an adventure van might be just what you’re looking for. You may set up a tent deep into woodland, have fun going off-road in the highlands, or stargaze in the desert.

You may explore remote areas with a 4×4-camper van to engage in your preferred adventure sports, such as rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, and more. And although not all designs are inexpensive, you can choose anything from a Chevy Astro AWD, a Land Rover with a rooftop tent, a DIY transformation of a Sprinter van, or a Jeep pop-up camper.

People anticipate the 4-wheel alternative for vans to grow increasingly common in the years to come since a growing number of people have to worry about controllability and uphill effectiveness. So the choices for 4×4 motorhomes are inevitable going to grow.

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